7-Day Weight Loss Meal Plan with Grocery List to Keep You Trim

FREE 7-day weight loss meal plan with grocery list

When creating this 7-day weight loss meal plan with grocery list, I remembered a chat I had a few years ago with someone whose physique I admired on a popular fitness app where we logged our workouts, uploaded progress photos, got free workout plans, etc.

I followed and was also followed by really disciplined men and women who were taking their fitness to the next level.

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Best Tips for Gym Beginners (+ FREE Workout Plan)

tips for gym beginners

It is not often that we get to have a real talk on tips for gym beginners. This is because gym intimidation has become something we laugh about without calling out those who perpetrate it.
Newbies need information on how to navigate the gym and kind people in the gym who can correct them without making them feel small or take a video for social media.

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7 Day Gym Workout Plan for Weight Loss {FREE PDF}

7-day gym workout plan by Suzy

Ladies, aren’t you just so over the home workouts after the CRona craziness that had us at home all day and night in the last two years or so? The home exercise phase was great for the most part while it lasted, but now it is time to hit the gym with this 7 day gym workout plan for women by Suzy, with a free pdf download. 

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