10 Best Running Leggings That Don’t Fall Down

The best running tights are the ones that don’t fall down during runs and are usually high waisted. Don’t ever believe anything else that someone tells you about buying a specific brand. Any brand can make the best running leggings by nailing these two things down.

As a runner, I have bought a lot of running tights and leggings but, not all of them stayed up while I hit the trail.

Running while trying to pull up your pants is not graceful at all. Not only do you have to deal with tugging at your leggings, but it also messes up your pace, motivation, and running technique.


best running tights that don't fall down

Your focus on the goal ahead will somehow suffer as you’ll be distracted by the saggy leggings. No runner ever wants to deal with this kind of frustration, which is why you have to nail it the first time and buy the best running leggings that won’t ride down.

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So how do you find the best running tights?

This is such a skill and once you know what to look for when shopping for running tights, you will give inferior leggings one side look and know they simply aren’t for you.

How to buy the best running leggings

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1. Running leggings should have pockets

Running while holding items like keys, water bottle, bank card, or even your phone is not ideal, and may affect your balance and stride.

Bring very little to a run so that you are not weighed down along the way. The best running leggings should have a pocket, usually hidden to store small stuff like keys, phone, and cash.

There are times, however, when your leggings’ pocket isn’t large enough to fit a phone. In this case, it’s best to keep your stuff in a snug-fitting running belt like this one.

2. Running tights shouldn’t be see through

Really, you shouldn’t wear see-through leggings to the gym. Running is also one workout that you can never get away with see-through tights. Nobody should ever have to run in front of others in broad daylight, in leggings that practically leave nothing to the imagination. Unless that is a look you are specifically going for, then by all means!

3. Running leggings shouldn’t be tight

Most people make the mistake of buying running leggings that are too tight because they want leggings that can stay up during a run. While you want to be sucked in, ordinary snug-fitting running leggings aren’t the same as compression tights.

Compression pants are designed to help muscles recover faster as well as improve blood circulation and performance. On the other hand, regular leggings that are tight are just tight, with no real benefits.

Best running leggings must not dig into your skin, you should be able to breathe and move comfortably.

4. Reflective running leggings

You can get away with running in leggings that don’t have reflective panels if you mostly run on the treadmill. The simple advice is this- if you will be running on the road, at night, or in a high-traffic area, then you need reflective running leggings.

10 best running leggings that will add a pep to your step

best running leggings that don't fall down

High waisted leggings as the name suggests have a high supportive waistband, which helps the leggings to stay up during high-impact workouts like running. Another reason ladies love this type of tights is that it offers tummy control and keeps any fluff hidden.

You will love:

Best high-waisted running leggings

1. Colorfulkoala women’s high waisted leggings 

Colorfulkoala high waisted leggings are everything and fit like a glove. They are made from breathable and super soft material that will make running enjoyable in any weather.

You can rest assured that these leggings won’t fall down when running. They pass all the tests for the perfect running tights apart from not having a pocket.

2.CRZ YOGA Women’s Hugged Feeling Compression Running Leggings 25 Inches

Now here’s a pair of running leggings that ticks all the boxes and more. First of all, these leggings are totally opaque, have a sizable pocket and a reflective logo, which you’ll absolutely love if you run in the evenings.

Ladies keep coming back for more pairs of CRZ Yoga because, as most customers say, these leggings don’t run down and, they make the butt look totally amazing.

3. Lululemon Align high waisted full length yoga pants 

If you are a Lulu girl, Lululemon has got you covered all the way up, in every sense of the word. These leggings have a hidden pocket for you to store your essentials like car keys.

Lululemon Align yoga pants are not see through and have a 28 Inch Inseam, and you can dress them up or down. What I am trying to say is that you can comfortably spend the whole day in these leggings. The choice is yours really, you can run the Boston Marathon or Netflix marathon in these high waisted, buttery soft leggings.

Best compression tights for running

Compression tights for running come in handy if you often experience aches and muscle cramps while running. Compression activewear helps to keep muscles warm, reduce muscle soreness and speed up muscle recovery time after exercise, by increasing the flow of oxygen and blood to the specified body parts. 

If you are a beginner runner or run every day or long distances, you need to have a pair of compression tights for running.

4. Under Amour’s OutRun The Cold Tights

This UA OutRun The Cold Tights tick all the boxes that I mentioned earlier that a good pair of running leggings that don’t fall down should have. 

Women's UA OutRun The Cold Tights

They are best for running in the cold and should not be worn in temperatures over 40° F. And if you are in any doubt about the tights riding down, the drawcord will ensure they stay up all the time.  

If you usually run in low-light areas, the highly visible reflective pattern will guarantee you visibility. 

5.  CW-X Women’s Stabilyx Joint Support Compression Tight

What will mostly impress you about running in these compression leggings is how pain-free your runs will become from start to finish, because of the targeted support for the hips and knees. The leggings are incredibly comfortable to wear for both winter and summer running.

CW-X leggings fit really well, and the waistband sits so well that it doesn’t dig into your skin. You might have a bit of a struggle getting into the leggings, but that shouldn’t alarm you as this is normal for compression tights. 

6. Voeons high waisted compression athletic leggings with back pocket 

It’s almost impossible not to own a pair of Veons compression leggings. If you look at the features, it’s easy to see why this pair is one of the best compression tights for running.

Just to highlight some of the selling points of Veons: they are non-see through workout leggings, with a back pocket, available in 5 bold and beautiful colours and patterns.

The fabric is just thick enough to hide cellulite bumps if you have any, and also thin enough to allow your skin to breath and wick away moisture.  

7. Under Armour RUSH™ HeatGear® No-Slip Waistband Pocket Full-Length Leggings

Under Armour Women’s RUSH™ HeatGear® Armour Leggings workout leggings are smoking hot, and simply the best winter running leggings. On the other hand, Under Armour’s ColdGear leggings are the most comfortable leggings for running in summer. 

Women's UA RUSH™ HeatGear® No-Slip Waistband Pocket Full-Length Leggings

Here’s why.

HeatGear Armour leggings are designed to regulate body temperature and help you stay cool during an intense or warm-weather workout. ColdGear leggings are built to enhance your performance and keep you warm and comfy in winter.

These leggings don’t roll down and will stay put during the entire run, be it long or short. Under Armour leggings are the best for running because they have locked-in compression, are squat proof, and are built to flatter any figure.

Best running leggings with pockets


best running leggings with pockets

When your hands are free, you are free to run like a gazelle. Running with items like keys in your hands holds you back from going all out. If you have to carry anything when running, have them stashed away in a pocket.

8. Fengbay pocket yoga pants 

If you have been keeping your phone in your bra during runs, you need to seriously stop.  Your bra is not a pocket. Buy leggings like these high quality and non-see through Fengbays.

They are ideal for running because of a very high waistband that sucks in the tummy and helps to comfortably hold them up during exercise.

The leggings have a fair amount of compression to them so you can expect to have everything perfectly tucked in, without squeezing the life out of you.

9. Ewedoos high waisted yoga pants with pockets 

These are very chic running leggings with pockets that are also designed to perfectly sculpt the butt.

Of course what makes them well suited for running is lots of customers who have bought a pair, have said that Ewedoos leggings do stay up when running and are squat-proof.

The two pockets on each side are large enough to hold your phone and your entire house if that is what you wish to take along when you go running.

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Best running leggings for curvy women

First of all, embrace your curves, you don’t have to look a certain way to be a runner. It’s a great time to be alive because brands are now realizing that not all runners are a size 4 and are now making running leggings for plus-size women.

10. JUST MY SIZE plus size running leggings

There are so many wonderful things to say about these plus size running leggings. Not a lot of leggings for curvy women are beautiful, but with these Just My Size leggings, I bet you there was a lot of consideration put into it.

For starters, the leggings have cute mesh panels that don’t make you look scandalous, and the cherry on top is that the leggings don’t roll down while you workout.

11. Nike Women’s plus size power sculpt training tights 

These Nike leggings are specially made for plus size women, they beautifully hug every curve and fit like a glove. Nike plus size leggings are made from compression fabric and aren’t see through.

They will become your favourite running leggings for curvy women high waistband doesn’t create a muffin top and helps to keep them from sliding down during exercise.

best high-waisted running leggings

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