How to Remove Odor from Gym Clothes: 5 Easy Hacks

How to Remove Odor from Gym Clothes 5 Easy Hacks

Fact: gym clothes can smell after washing. This is usually caused by fabric softeners on gym clothes or workout clothes made from fabrics that retain bacteria.

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10 best leggings for working out (for every body type)

best workout leggings that aren't see through and the best cheap gym leggings

Have you ever exercised in leggings that were so uncomfortable that they literally ruined your workout session? Or are you new to exercising and looking for the best leggings for working out?

Well, your search ends here because I am about to walk you through the best workout leggings from the best brands on the market, most of which are easily available on Amazon.

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7 best weightlifting shoes for women you will love

best women's weightlifting shoes like the nike weightlifting shoes and other cheap weightlifting shoes

Weightlifting shoes for women are so much different from normal workout shoes, and they make a huge difference in how you perform exercises such as squats and deadlifts.

 Bringing you’re A-game to the gym is one thing but when your workout gear is ill-fitting, your A-game means nothing.

Weightlifting shoes for women or men are constructed with a hard sole, which is meant to provide stability and proper form during heavy lifting.

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8 Best Squat Proof Leggings (for every body type)

Best Squat Proof Leggings (for Every Body Type)

If you have ever done leg day on the gym floor in a crowded gym, then you probably know the importance of finding the best squat proof leggings.

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10 Best Non See through Workout Leggings (according to customers)

best non see through workout leggings

Ladies, you have to agree that shopping in person for non-see-through workout leggings can be tricky and even more so if you are shopping for the leggings online.

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10 Best Running Leggings That Don’t Fall Down

best running tights

The best running tights are the ones that don’t fall down during runs and are usually high waisted. Don’t ever believe anything else that someone tells you about buying a specific brand. Any brand can make the best running leggings by nailing these two things down.

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Best running shoes for beginners (how to buy running shoes)

How often should you replace running shoes

So, you want to start running? Welcome to the club, you will love it here. The first step to becoming a runner is finding the best running shoes for beginners because this is what will move you from walking to running, fast.

Any runner who has racked up a few miles will tell you that plenty of times, what makes the difference between a fantastic and an awful run is usually a pair of running shoes. That is why you must learn how to buy running shoes first, before spending money on expensive shoes.

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7 Funky Gym Leggings that’ll Make You Want to Workout

funky gym leggings

There’s something great about showing up at the gym in a pair of one of the hottest funky gym leggings. I believe that what you wear to the gym can affect your mood and workout session.

Like most ladies, I love my plain black, blue, and gray gym leggings, but now and then, I want to bring vibrancy to my gym session, and the best way to do this is by wearing cute patterned gym leggings.

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8 fashionable gym bags for women you will love

fashionable gym bag, best women's gym bags

Picture this… A fashionable gym bag that doubles as a weekend bag. Better still, a stylish gym bag that you can also use as an office bag whenever you feel like. Doesn’t that sound totally divine? One chic bag. Different uses.

 I’m here to tell you that there are absolutely stunning gym bags out there.  I love gym bags that allow you to travel in style whenever and wherever. One minute you are using your fancy gym bag to hold your workout gear, and the next, you and your bag are on a weekend getaway, looking fabulous.

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10 trendy mesh workout leggings for women

Mesh workout leggings for women

Mesh workout leggings will always be cute and trendy, it is a fact. But just like leggings with pockets, mesh leggings aren’t just eye candy, they serve a purpose when things heat up in the gym during yoga or aerobics class or when you just running.

There is a reason you don’t exercise in your most comfy sweatpants or favourite t-shirt. During exercise, your body produces sweat and if you are wearing the wrong workout gear, you will be drenched in sweat. This where breathable fabrics that draw away moisture from your body come in.

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After going through this ultimate guide to cheap workout clothes, you will forever be on the lookout for gym clothes on a budget because you will realise just how cute and of good quality cheap activewear can be.

This post is a roundup of awesome workout Capri pants for running, Capri pants for yoga and just leggings for warmer weather.

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