10 best leggings for working out (for every body type)

Have you ever exercised in leggings that were so uncomfortable that they literally ruined your workout session? Or are you new to exercising and looking for the best leggings for working out?

Well, your search ends here because I am about to walk you through the best workout leggings from the best brands on the market, most of which are easily available on Amazon.

There’s a pair of the best gym leggings for you on this list. I guarantee you that you are going to walk away with a pair or two of the best workout leggings.

Why you need the best leggings for working out


Best leggings for working out for every body type

It’s important to understand first of all that owning the best leggings for working out goes beyond falling in love with the leggings just because of the colour, pattern, or even price.

Gym leggings that should be taking your breath away have to importantly be comfortable for your workout of choice; Whether you are doing a yoga class, running, weightlifting or aerobics, your workout leggings must suit the activity.

For instance, if you are a runner, the best leggings for working out for you would be tights specially designed for high-impact exercises. The best legging for running, therefore, would have to have the right amount of compression as the pressure will help you recover faster.

Other than compression, runners should be looking for the best running leggings that don’t fall down, in other words, high-waisted tights must be your best friend.

But if you just want gym leggings for everyday working out, then your perfect workout tights should not only be stylish and moisture-wicking, but breathable and able to hold your jiggly bits in place (if you have any).

It’s a totally different ball game for girls who squat when it comes to the best leggings for working out.

Girls who lift or squat and even those who do yoga as well as other exercises that require a lot of bending over and stretching NEED the best workout leggings that aren’t see-through.

If this is you, you must check out these two articles that cover the topics in full, that is:

 the best non-see-through workout leggings as well as the best of the best squat proof leggings for women.

Your choice of the best workout legging will also depend on the weather, that is in winter you’ll need a pair of thicker leggings to provide an extra layer of warmth. In summer, your workout leggings must be lightweight and moisture-wicking so that you don’t end up drenched in sweat after your gym session.

Enough chitchat, let’s get on with the ultimate list of the best leggings for working out this year.

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10 best gym leggings ever

10. Best leggings for working out in winter

Best leggings for working out in winterUnder Armour Women's ColdGear Authentic Leggings

When shopping for winter workout leggings for women, a few points that should be up on your list of things to look for are- the thickness and warmth of the fabric, as well as how comfortable the leggings fit you.

In my time, I have seen quite a few leggings that claim to be specially made for working out in winter but end up irritating my skin. The material of winter workout leggings is really important, especially if you have sensitive skin.

Your winter gym leggings should also be able to wick away moisture, meaning, the fabric should be able to absorb sweat, but rather keep it away.

As far as the best leggings for working out in winter are concerned, Under Armour is the best brand on the market. No contest whatsoever.

Their ColdGear® workout leggings for women and men feature a dual-layered fabric, with an ultra-warm interior, and a smooth, fast-drying exterior.

What you will love about these Under Armour women’s ColdGear® Authentic leggings is that they are a compression fit and this will help with blood circulation and help your muscles recover faster.

You will also notice a huge difference between the ordinary lycra tights that you already own, and these performance winter workout leggings.


9. Best cheap gym leggings for working out

You will agree with me when I say that Amazon has some of the most affordable workout leggings. However, not all cheap gym leggings out there, are of superior quality.

Seriously, some are cheap in every sense of the word. I have owned quite a few pairs of cheap gym leggings from Amazon, and only a few of the most affordable ones really impressed me. Those that did, I bought again and have never been disappointed.

The one pair that stands out the most is the Dragon Fit Compression yoga pants which I love to bits. These workout leggings have the right amount of compression, which amazing considering their price.

I honestly think they are inspired by some of the most expensive brands out there, but just don’t have a famous brand name attached to them.

For the price, I think they are the best cheap gym leggings for these reasons; they are high waisted, comfy, breathable and non-see through. You will enjoy wearing these tummy-control leggings in and out of the gym.

8. Best breathable leggings for summer

When it gets insanely hot in summer, you have to make sure you’ve got the right workout gear, from breathable leggings to lightweight tops and workout shoes. Your summer workout gear must be able to wick moisture super-fast and be made out of fabric that will prevent the growth of odor-causing bacteria.

Best breathable leggings for summer -Under Armour

Under Armour’s mesh, ankle crop leggings are the best breathable leggings for summer. These leggings are part of the HeatGear® technology range and are specially designed to keep you cool, dry, and light when exercising in hot weather. 

7. Best workout leggings for lifting

Let’s talk about the best squat-proof leggings! Every woman who lifts weights will tell you that finding the best workout leggings for lifting totally counts as a workout. Here’s why.

The best squat-proof leggings are hard to find. So many things have to be perfect and not just great, to be considered, let alone spend money on squat-proof leggings.

The leggings for lifting have to be totally non-see-through. This. Is. Not. Negotiable. 

The leggings have to be high-waisted so that no crack of any kind is revealed as one bends over to deadlift, bent over rows, or any other move that requires bending over.

Another super important factor for the best workout leggings for weight lifting is that they need to be able to stay in place. Nothing ruins a workout session more than leggings that continuously ride down as you squat.

I have found only a few leggings that qualify to be the squat proof leggings category and these are IUGA high waist yoga pants with pockets. They have superb compression, are high-waisted, are not see-through, are super soft, and fit true to size.

What I love, and what you’ll also come to love about these leggings is that they will stay up throughout the workout.

6. Best workout leggings on Amazon

Amazon has thousands and thousands of workout leggings. You can spend the whole day looking for the best leggings for working out and still come up empty.

There’s just way too much variety, it’s chaotic. The part that eats me up inside is that in the middle of all this chaos, are some really stunning workout leggings.

To find a gem that appeals to your taste, body type, and the type of exercise, you have to have patience and lots of time.

But this is where I come in with the best of the best workout leggings on Amazon.

I believe that workout leggings have to be extremely comfortable and buttery soft, make you look slimmer, not give you a camel toe (seriously) and fit the kind of exercise that you do, be it running, weight lifting, yoga, HIIT, cycling, etc.

Believe it or not, only a few workout leggings on Amazon fit this bill. I will save you time and implore you right now to buy the Heathyoga Yoga pants with pockets.

These gym leggings do wash well and have a high waistband for that tummy control that every woman years for; the leggings stay up during high-impact workouts, and have two pockets on the side, large enough to hold your bottle of wine J

There’s just so much to love about these workout leggings- available in over 10 colors and as well as in running shorts form. 

best workout leggings for lifting and best workout leggings that aren't see through

5. Best plus size workout leggings

In a world where it looks like everyone was born size zero or super fit and has stayed this way through their lives, it’s hard to find decent plus-size workout leggings that aren’t overpriced.

What manufacturers and brands don’t seem to understand is that even plus-size girls who want to get fit also would like to wear comfortable and cute workout leggings.

Girl, you don’t have to wait for a clearance sale for you to shop for workout clothes. I have found the best leggings for working out that plenty of plus size girls absolutely adore. Come along with me!

These plus size leggings from Amazon will amaze you on just how well they will hold your belly in(without giving you a muffin top), and stay in place during a workout. You’ll also love the high-quality, soft and comfortable fabric.

Oh, and the best part is that these plus size leggings for working out are actually insanely flattering, available up to 5x, and not see through at all!

4. Best white workout leggings

White workout leggings that aren’t see through or show cellulite and all the imperfections are so rare to find.

These 90 Degree white workout leggings for working out are simply the best because they are super stretchy and silky soft, squat proof, and won’t keep you tugging at them while you workout because they stay in place the entire time.

Another thing you’ll appreciate about these white workout leggings is that the material looks really high-end despite the price.

The only downside about white is that you have to be super careful not to make them dirty. Other than that, you definitely need to add a pair of these best white workout leggings on the planet to your gym gear collection!

3. Best workout leggings with pockets

Gyms have locker rooms and that is perfectly fine. You can leave your gym bag in the locker, but there are certain items such as locker keys and your cell phone that you need to carry with you at all times in the gym. And no, you shouldn’t be stuffing your phone or keys in your sports bra!

This is where workout leggings with pockets shine bright like a diamond! However, not all workout leggings with pockets are the same.

Some pockets are so small that a phone can barely fit, while other leggings, the pockets are so huge that things just freely fall out.

Fengbay’s workout leggings have perfect pockets that you will love. The leggings themselves are made from very soft and stretchy fabric and aren’t see through.

There’s absolutely everything to love about these best of the best workout leggings with pockets.

2. Best running leggings that don’t fall down

It’s a beautiful sight to see female runners gracefully pound the pavement without having to pull their leggings up with every step they take.

So, if you’re a runner, you need to be on this graceful list, and buy the best running leggings that don’t fall down. You really don’t want to give the person behind you, an unsolicited view of your butt cleavage.

The first tip is don’t go too small or too big on your pair of running tights because if they don’t properly fit, they normally won’t hold up well.

Another thing is don’t skimp on your running tights, the price must never be a deciding factor. Compression and a high waist should be one of the considerations when buying running leggings that don’t fall down.

My two favorite and the best running leggings are THE GYM PEOPLE’s thick high waist yoga pants with pockets and Under Armour Women’s ColdGear authentic leggings. My advice is to get both, and you’ll never look back.


1. Best black workout leggings EVER

Best black workout leggings EVER- LULULEMON

If you are looking for the best black leggings ever, that are leggings that aren’t see-through, or just the best gym leggings that don’t fall down, allow me to introduce you to Lululemon Align 7/8 Yoga Pants.

The leggings are simply amazing. There aren’t enough words to describe the satisfaction and joy you’ll find once you try these best leggings for working out ever!

There’s a reason people swear by Lululemon and yes, they are worth every penny that you’ll spend. You’ll wear them in and out of the gym (you’ll practically live in them!) and honestly, you can never ever compare them to any brand as far as quality and that feeling of second skin.

If you have been holding off or resisting buying Lululemon workout leggings, please, please, just this once buy yourself a pair, and trust me, you’ll come back to thank me.

Lululemon’s Align Pants are a cut above the rest, they last forever, and if you ever have an issue with them, the Lululemon customer care is really top-notch!

Final thoughts on best leggings for working out

best leggings for working out.best workout leggings. best workout leggings cheap

I strongly feel that Lululemons beat the rest when it comes to the best leggings for working out.

Of course, there are deciding factors such as the time of the year when you’ll be working out (hot or cold), which in that case you must buy Under Armour leggings as they are specifically tailored for working out in the heat or cold.

Then there’s the type of workout that you’ll be doing- whether it’s dancing, running, yoga, high-intensity interval (HIIT), or kickboxing, the best leggings for working out have to be breathable, and squat-proof.

Whatever you prefer, you must spend your money only on the best gym leggings that don’t fall down while you exercise.


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