10 Best non see through workout leggings according to customers

Ladies, before we look at the best non see through leggings, let’s agree to leave reviews, or be helpful when someone stops us to ask where we got our perfect workout leggings from. It’s really not easy to shop for squat proof leggings, especially online. Customers who leave reviews and share useful info are the ones who make guides like this one on opaque workout leggings possible!

There are so many factors to consider when shopping for workout leggings. They don’t only have to be decent enough not to announce the shape, pattern and color of your underwear, the best workout leggings should be able to stay in place while you exercise.

Gorgeous workout leggings or the coolest and new workout gear are everything to boost your confidence in the gym and also add that little pep to your step when walking in front of your gym crush.

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How to make your leggings not see through

leggings that arent see through

Have you ever asked yourself what causes leggings to be see-through? Well, there are several reasons but most of the times it has to do with material that was used to make the workout tights. If the material is thick enough, nobody will see your business inside your pants. However, when sheer fabric is used when making yoga pants, the pants will become transparent the more you stretch them by bending over.

Sometimes workout leggings will become see through because the material that workout clothes are made of don’t work well with the ingredients found in most of the fabric softeners. Fabric softener leaves behind residue in workout clothes that builds up and not only damages and thins out your expensive squat proof pants, but also make them smell funky over time.

As a rule for any workout clothes, you must never rinse them in fabric. You can read up more on how to handle workout clothes so that they don’t stink.

How to buy the best non see through leggings

When shopping for the best non-see-through workout leggings, you must do the bend over test. Simply bend down as low as you possibly can go and if you do not see your insides peeping through then grab those leggings and take them home! You can also do the squat test to test if the workout leggings are opaque enough.

If buying online, read through the reviews from customers, most of them are usually honest and helpful.  You will ultimately base your purchase decision on the type of exercises you will be doing, and what features of the leggings apart from being non see through are most important to you (pockets, high-waist, mesh etc.).

If you are looking for a specific type of non see through leggings such as tights that don’t fall down when running, you should check out this guide on the best leggings for working out.  The article will guide  you through the different types of gym leggings particularly, black workout leggings, the best gym leggings for plus size girls, best leggings for working out in winter or summer, best leggings for running, yoga, weight lifting etc. 


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Non see through gym leggings

This list comprises opaque workout leggings that have passed the squat and bend over tests.

1. Best non see through workout leggings with pockets


These high waist yoga pants with pockets are not see through and are made from four-way stretch fabric which conforms to any shape and flatters every figure. They are one of the few quality workout leggings that are easy on the pocket, and true to size.

What others customers say: “I was worried about purchasing off the internet for something like this but they are better than anything I could find in store. They are not see through, they feel nice, and they hug my waste so they won’t roll down.”


2. Best non see through gym leggings

Nike Leggings

Everybody loves a little Nike gym leggings in their activewear collection. If you were to own only one pair of Nike tights for the gym, then it should be and only be these Victory Training Capris. As you might have already guessed these leggings are not see through and of course they don’t ride down while you are busy getting that squat workout in. They give your butt an extra lift and perfectly hug your thighs and legs such if you have any cellulite, no one would ever guess you did!

What other customers said: “These are some of my favorite gym leggings. So soft and lightweight but also not see through! I have them in black and gray. The only issue is the band sometimes rolls when I lift, but it’s nothing major. They’re also super slimming!”

3. Non see through gym leggings for plus size women

Lululemon Align Hi-Rise 25″

If you have some curves and looking for workout leggings that hold everything in place without feeling like you are suffocating, then this is it. Lululemons are known for their superior quality and ability to keep things together. The pants are slimming, tight enough to hold everything in place, and stretches just enough so that your London and Paris are never exposed to the world.  

4. Best non see through compression leggings

Under Armour HeatGear

Don’t you just love how compression pants make every inch of your body look and feel so flawless? If there’s any type of gym leggings that should always be present in your closet is a beautiful pair of non see through compression leggings. What you will love about this particular pair is that it is available in two different types, and depending on which one you end up buying, the leggings will keep you super warm in winter, and super cool in summer.

If you want to win all year round, I recommend that you get both HeatGear and ColdGear compression leggings. Even though these are compression leggings they are stretchy and comfy enough for any workout such as yoga, Pilates, squatting or kickboxing.


What others customers say: ‘’These are thin but not see through – pass the bend over test. I love the side pocket for my phone. They do stay up well for standing or running but I find once you sit they roll (if you have a tummy that is). But overall I do love them. Highly recommend for sensitive stomachs.’’

5. Best high waisted leggings that are not see through

Lululemon Align

Besides just being Lululemon, these leggings are buttery soft. If that bit of info hasn’t already made you want to check out these non see through Lululemons, then I can guarantee you will love them for the fact they are perfect for just about any other activity, including a lazy day on the couch. Yes, they are that amazing.  If after your hot gym session you have some errands to run, these tights are so easy to dress up and go about your business like it’s nothing! The high waist is just the icing on the cake to keep your tummy or love handles under wraps if you have any.

6. White leggings that aren’t see through  

90 Degree By Reflex

White leggings are flattering and simply flawless. When worn correctly, they make every girl look like she has just walked out of a photoshoot with a celebrity photographer. What I love about white leggings that aren’t see-through is that you can confidently wear them just about anywhere.

You can go as low as you want with your squat rack in the gym, knowing that the stares are out of admiration for your form, and not because people can see all the way to your large intestines! You can style up your white leggings for a casual chic look on your rest day from the gym.

Other stunning non see through workout leggings

7. Colorfulkoala

These Colorfulkoala leggings are not by a big well-known brand but, they have made a name for themselves because of how incredibly soft and squat proof they are. You can do burpees, deadlifts, squats and just about anything else in these leggings and not one second during your workout will you have to pull them up. The highwaist and compression ensures that your workout is undisturbed.

Another reason these leggings made it on the list is that, when you sweat, your leggings won’t sweat with you. The chances of seeing sweat on your bum or crotch while you exercise are zero.

What others customers say: AMAZING!!! These leggings have far exceeded my expectations and I’m in love! I got an XL, I wear a size 14-16 normally. They fit me perfectly! They are very high waisted and don’t roll down during HIIT workouts. They are breathable, buttery soft, and squat proof! The length is great for me, I’m 5’7” and they hit right below my ankle which is where I want them. They have nice compression so everything is held in place but not too tight that it’s uncomfortable.

8. Non see through workout capris 

Under Armour’s HeatGear Capri

Sometimes you just have to have a few capris for safe exercise during the summer heat. Your legs will thank you when you allow them to breathe naturally when it’s hot out there. Under Armour makes some of the best non see through workout capris with pockets. These capris are super light, and made with HeatGear technology, to cool you off quickly.

If you are bored with the plain leggings then you will love to bits these funky and comfy workout leggings with mesh panels. The leggings are vibrant, squat proof and available in 15 beautiful colours, and from size xs to xxl. They have a high waistband and a hidden pocket. You will amazed at soft and comfortable the material feels against your lovely skin.

What other customers said: ”These leggings are great! They feel like compression leggings (although that might be because I should have gone up a size). They have great stretch and the waist band doesn’t slide down at all when I move around a lot. They feel comfortable and soft too. And the biggest pro: they pass the squat test!! I deliberately wore bright purple underwear with these leggings for these pictures and you can’t even see a hint of purple! These leggings are great, I give them a 10/10!”

Final thoughts on non see through gym leggings

So there you have it, ladies, these they are the best of the best workout leggings that aren’t see through, according to customers.

I know there is a lot of hype about some other well-known brands but my advice to you is that you must do your own thorough research then make your decision from there.  If you see 5 star reviews all around from influencers, chances are they are being paid to say what you want to hear.

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  1. These are some really nice picks! I love high waisted yoga pants as I feel that they are the most flattering and they usually hold up a bit better during a workout! I love the Code Fit pants and the RBX ones as the prints are really unique and pretty! I just love a little color in my workout gear!

  2. I LOVE THIS POST!! I have started looking for workout leggings again that fit well and aren’t see through. Reviews on leggings are important so that you don’t waste time and money because some of them aren’t cheap. Thank you.

  3. I literally hate when workout pants are see through! These are amazing and would make me feel more secure at the gym. I love the camo ones, they’re so cute! I’m buying some of these right now 🙂

  4. These are great recommendations! I have the Lululemon ones and they are fantastic, really comfortable for a work out. Nothing is worse than being uncomfortable while working out!

  5. There are so many leggings and brands to choose from, it’s hard to know which ones are great for working out. I think this list really helpful. I’ve been focusing on getting fit since last year and I’d love to shop for a couple of leggings.

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  8. I would like to add P’Tula, Buffbunny and Earthgroove Activewer also make squat proof/ no see through leggings. And they are quite a feww dollars cheaper than the brands mentioned.

  9. I sure do like that middle one. Honestly, I don’t own a pair that is see-through and wouldn’t never wear that. I do like to look good and feel good in my workout clothes so these leggings are spot on.

  10. I have always had an issue when it comes to work out leggings and them being see-through, these look and sound awesome. No one needs to worry about see through clothes when they are trying to get in a good workout!

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