10 Best non see through workout leggings of 2021

Non see through workout leggings are a must in every woman’s workout wardrobe.  Of course, there is that amazing feeling about strutting your stuff into the gym in gorgeous workout leggings, yoga pants, exercise tights and just overall, the coolest and new workout gear.

Best non see through leggings

But the best feeling of all is walking through the gym doors knowing that you are rocking one of the best non see-through workout leggings.

The best workout leggings and best leggings for work are the ones that don’t announce the colour, and pattern of your underwear to the world (we shall not even go into detail about what can be and is visible when you decide to go commando).

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How to buy the best non see through leggings

10 best non see through workout leggings you will love


When shopping for the best non-see-through workout leggings, you must do the bend over test. Simply bend down as low as you possibly can go and if you do not see your insides peeping through then grab those leggings and take them home! You can also do the squat test to test if the workout leggings are opaque enough.


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What you are about to see are the best non-see-through workout leggings that have passed the squat and bend over tests.

To give you a better understanding of how and why these tights qualify to be classified under the ‘non-see-through gym or work leggings’ category, we have included reviews from customers.

If you are looking for a specific type of non see through leggings such as tights that don’t fall down when running, you should check out this guide on the best leggings for working out.  The leggings guide will run you through the different types of gym leggings particularly,   black workout leggings, the best gym leggings for plus size girls, best leggings for working out in winter or summer, best leggings for running, yoga, weight lifting etc. 

How to wash workout leggings




Quick Tip: When you buy one of these non see through workout leggings, do not rinse them in fabric softer because it thins out out the material of the workout leggings.

For an in-depth look at the relationship between workout clothes and fabric softeners, read this article on how to get the musty smell out of gym clothes.

Best non see through workout leggings



1. Yogalicious High Waist Ultra Soft Lightweight Capris

Work it, squat it in these best selling sleek, high waist non-see-through leggings available in two pattern and different sizes from Yogalicious.

You will look fiercely hot without exposing your Paris and London ( wink, if you know what I mean)when you rock these squat proof leggings at the gym.

WHAT OTHER CUSTOMERS SAID: ”I’ve asked multiple people if these were see through when squatting in various types of lighting. Everyone said no! Which is great because these are so so so comfortable. I only have the black ones so not sure about the fabric for the other colours.”

2. BUBBLELIME  Yoga Pants  with Inner Pocket – High Waist

Why they are the best non see through workout leggings: These beautifully printed gym leggings are not see through and are made from four-way stretch fabric which conforms to any shape and flatters every figure.

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WHAT OTHER CUSTOMERS SAID:”These yoga pants are perfect, they are slimming, and tight enough to hold everything in place, but not too tight to wear their uncomfortable. Sizing is just right in my opinion. And the material and stretch is comparable to Lululemon for a fraction of the cost, I am definitely going to be buying more”

3. Non see through  yoga leggings: Alo Yoga Women’s Goddess Ribbed Leggings

Why they are the best workout leggings: Apart from being one of the best workout leggings that aren’t see through, these comfy leggings also feature a high waistband, are true to size and you can either wear them as pictured or the normal way.

What other customers said about these gym pants that are not see through:

“I really love these pants. The large fit perfectly ( I typically wear L, 10 or 12 in Lululemon). The fabric quality is excellent; it is thick and has nice compression. I also love the ribbed part of the pants; it makes them so comfortable and slimming. Much higher quality then anything you will find at Lululemon these days. I will absolutely be purchasing pairs in other colors; I think they are destined to be my new favorite!”

4. CodeFit Yoga Power Flex Dry-Fit Tummy Control High Waist Printed Compression Workout Leggings

Why they are the best workout leggings: These high waist yoga pants will give you a 7″ tummy control compression and will not ride up or down during any workout.


WHAT OTHER CUSTOMERS SAID: “I purchased the blue and black leggings, and I was so in love with them the minute I unpacked them! The material of the leggings is so smooth and has a seamless look; similar to that of leggings by top leading athleisure brands. The high waisted look is amazing. You get the tummy control feature, and you can roll the waist down for a lower waisted look. The marbled/tie dye detail on the waist band and ankles offer a fun and unique pop of color.”

5.  Aoxjox Yoga Pants for Women High Waisted Gym Sport Ombre Seamless Leggings


ombre non see through workout leggings uk

Why they are the best non see through leggings:

If you have been looking for Yoga pants that are not see through, look no more. These SATINA high waisted Non-See Through Leggings are a hit from women for their quality and incredibly soft fabric and will not ride up or down during any workout or activity.

And by the way, they are similar to the high-end brand of legging, LuLaRoe and Butter and they come in a wide range of colours-25 to be exact!

These leggings are 100% squat-proof–probably the single most important aspect for ladies’ workout leggings–and are extremely comfortable and form-flattering. As you can see in the photos I’ve included, the washed khaki coloring is very subtle, which I appreciate and think is really lovely”

 6. Heathyoga Yoga Pants with Pockets

Why you will love these non see through leggings:


Even though these are compression leggings, they are one of the best workout leggings because they are stretchy enough for any workout such as yoga, squatting and running.


What other customers said: “… AMAZZZIIINGGGGG. Thank you fellow reviewers for steering me in the right direction. Well worth the $32 bucks I spent! I normally wear a size medium in other yoga leggings and a size 6 jean and decided to go up one size so I bought a large it is perfect! I am 5’8 165lbs. The waist is tight but not toooo tight these will help me accomplish alot! And when I start loosing weight I can always size down. THESE ARE NOT SEE THROUGH! OH MY LORD how it is hard to find any leggings IN GENERAL that are not see through! I mean I held these up to the light and pulled the fabric and you can barley see light! THEY PASSED THE SQUAT TEST GIRLS! These are amazing and I will be buying more colors! Perfect length to for a tall person.Totally recommend!”


Other stunning non see through workout leggings

You may not know well the above brands of the gym pants that have just been introduced to you, but these three below are some of the well-known brands that have a line of running tights, yoga pants and gym leggings that are not see through.

7. Nike Pro Women’s Training Tights

 Why you will love them: These Nike tights are not see through and are made out of Dri-FIT fabric which helps keep you dry and comfortable!

Top 10 non see through leggings

What other customers said: “These are the best pants for all of your fitness needs! When I wore them for running, they stayed up for 5 miles with no adjustments. Same with ahighintensityy cardio dance class and barre. I am 5’6” and fluctuate between 135-140 and the medium is perfect.”

8.  Adidas Women’s Training High Rise Long Tights

Why they are the best workout leggings:

The leggings are high rise, made for athletes and are highly breathable.



Best leggings for squatting

What other customers said: “Love these cause they’re actually high waisted, super soft, opaque, and I don’t have to constantly pull them up.”

9. MTSCE Yoga Pants Non See-Through Fabric


Why they are one of the best non see through workout leggings:

If you are tired of the plain leggings then you will find true love in these stylish and funky gym leggings. These vibrant squat proof yoga pants are available in over 30 patterns and colours and you will want to grab at least 5 of them once you feel the soft and comfortable material against your lovely skin.

WHAT OTHER CUSTOMERS SAID: “These are my favorite leggings. So comfy, so beautiful and I get compliments on them all the time. Safely can do squats in them, and they fit so nicely around the waist. Many times these print leggings are cute but you can’t trust them working out because they slide down or ride up. These are a DREAM. I just ordered three more pairs.

10. Lululemon High Times Pant Full-On Luon 7/8 Yoga Pants

Why they are the best workout leggings:

Besides just being Lululemon, these non see-through leggings will keep you covered during that spontaneous pre or post-workout activities outside the gym (especially the alcohol sipping and shopping, kind of activities).

So there you have it, ladies, these they are the best of the best workout leggings that aren’t see through.

I know there is a lot of hype about Gymshark leggings but my advice to you would be to do thorough research about them from a few people who have given honest reviews about them, then make your decision from there.

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  1. These are some really nice picks! I love high waisted yoga pants as I feel that they are the most flattering and they usually hold up a bit better during a workout! I love the Code Fit pants and the RBX ones as the prints are really unique and pretty! I just love a little color in my workout gear!

  2. I LOVE THIS POST!! I have started looking for workout leggings again that fit well and aren’t see through. Reviews on leggings are important so that you don’t waste time and money because some of them aren’t cheap. Thank you.

  3. I literally hate when workout pants are see through! These are amazing and would make me feel more secure at the gym. I love the camo ones, they’re so cute! I’m buying some of these right now 🙂

  4. These are great recommendations! I have the Lululemon ones and they are fantastic, really comfortable for a work out. Nothing is worse than being uncomfortable while working out!

  5. There are so many leggings and brands to choose from, it’s hard to know which ones are great for working out. I think this list really helpful. I’ve been focusing on getting fit since last year and I’d love to shop for a couple of leggings.

  6. They’re all so cute! I’m always looking for cute leggings that are high wasted. I feel much more comfortable in them during my workouts.

  7. I hate when I buy a pair of legging online and get them and they are so think they are see through! Thank you for these recommendations! They are all really cute and I think I need a few new pair lol

  8. I would like to add P’Tula, Buffbunny and Earthgroove Activewer also make squat proof/ no see through leggings. And they are quite a feww dollars cheaper than the brands mentioned.

  9. I sure do like that middle one. Honestly, I don’t own a pair that is see-through and wouldn’t never wear that. I do like to look good and feel good in my workout clothes so these leggings are spot on.

  10. I have always had an issue when it comes to work out leggings and them being see-through, these look and sound awesome. No one needs to worry about see through clothes when they are trying to get in a good workout!

  11. This is totally the thing that gets me with leggings. Almost all the brands I have found are somewhat see through. Thanks so much for sharing these!

  12. I love the CodeFit pants because they are high waisted. I need some cute clothes to wear to all the rock climbing competitions we watch our daughter compete in. I’m always the mom looking silly all dressed up.

  13. I love your collection! You are providing the best workout leggings. I have owned some of these and I love to wear them. These are perfect for every exercise and look stylish. Thanks for sharing.

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