8 fashionable gym bags for women you will love

Picture this… A fashionable gym bag that doubles as a weekend bag. Better still, a stylish gym bag that you can also use as an office bag whenever you feel like. Doesn’t that sound totally divine? One chic bag. Different uses.

 I’m here to tell you that there are absolutely stunning gym bags out there.  I love gym bags that allow you to travel in style whenever and wherever. One minute you are using your fancy gym bag to hold your workout gear, and the next, you and your bag are on a weekend getaway, looking fabulous.

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Honestly, perfect situations like that, are what girls dreams are made of.

So, you have the best fashionable gym bag, just signed up for a membership at your trendy local gym, and have your workouts sorted out. But gosh, you don’t know what you should pack in your gym bag!

Sounds familiar right? I am with you.

I have been in this kind of situation before where I had almost no clue what to pack in my gym bag. I used to swing between packing unimportant stuff and packing almost none of my gym essentials. 5 years of being a gym addict, my story has positively changed and I am ready to share with gym newbies what should be in your gym bag.

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What’s in my gym bag?


I keep only the essentials in my gym bag. Let’s start from the bottom and work our way up.

I have flip flops in my gym bag because I workout before going to work, so, I take showers at the gym. If you this is your situation as well, then you must pack a pair flip flops to avoid picking up germs in the gym shower. Did I tell you I am a germophobe? Well, I am.

I have two different pairs of workout shoes that I pack in my gym bag, depending on my workout routine for the day. On Mondays and Thursdays, I train legs so I only have my weightlifting shoes in my bag.

On days that I train abs and upper body or have to do a HIIT workout, I pack normal cross-trainers.

I also have a gym towel to wipe off sweat while I exercise, as well as a bath towel for when I have to have the shower after my training session.

I love lifting weights but I don’t want calluses, so to protect my hands, I bring along a pair of weightlifting gloves. 

The gym sometimes plays music that is just so out of sync with my workout, so I bring along noise-cancelling Bluetooth headphones, to play my own awesome workout playlist. And no, they aren’t Beats by Dre, I am a very simple girl.

Other items that are in my gym bag are these:

  • Body lotion
  • Workout planner and pen to properly track my workouts and progress
  • Socks
  • Soap and loofah
  • Plastic bag for the flip flops
  • Hairbrush and comb
  • Oh and a moisture-wicking headband
  • Yoga pants
  • Sports bra
  • Workout top

What’s in my gym bag might be different from yours but what I have listed above are basic items that you may also want to have in your gym bag.

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What’s the best gym bag?


cute gym bags. gym bag with compartments

The best gym bag is one that is so easy to fit whatever you need it. The perfect gym bag is one that is so organised and works amazingly well to fit your lifestyle.

I also feel that the best fashionable gym bags are ones that easily doubles as a weekend bag for those times when you need to make a weekend trip right after work.

OR, when you need to spend a weekend at your boyfriend’s but don’t want to look like you haven’t nonstop, thought about moving yourself in.

How to pick a gym bag

When shopping for a gym bag, you should at least look for a bag that has several compartments so that you can easily organise accessories and activewear.  A gym bag with pockets will also help you keep items such as dirty shoes, away from clean office clothes or gym apparel.

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I always look for a gym bag with at least one ventilated pocket that I can use to throw in my wet towel and sweaty headband because as we well know, bacteria thrives on damp towels.

For convenience, you should also buy a gym bag that you can store in the gym lockers without squashing your bag.

Some gym lockers are so tiny that if you have a large duffel, you would have to spend 10 minutes just fighting to fit the bag in. Like who has time for that kind of time?

Another thing to consider when buying a gm bag is durability. Some bags can be super stylish bags and all, but not durable. 

The material for your gym bag has to at least match the price of the bag. Go for quality all the time when buying a gym bag.

Okay, now that we have got out of the way questions you may have had about what’s in my gym bag, how to pick a gym bag, let me run you through the best fashionable gym bags most of which are also readily available on Amazon.

Fashionable gym bags for women

1. Adidas studio duffel bag 

Adidas really put in so much effort when they designed this bag.  This cute gym bag is spacious enough to hold your dirty gym shoes in a separate compartment.

 As if that wasn’t enough, the interior of this gym bag has 3 well-thought-out partitions. The inner pockets are labelled.

There’s ‘sweaty stuff’, and ‘little stuff’ compartments, as well as a beautifully cushioned pocket, labelled ‘tablet’. Seriously, this fashionable gym bag for women is my all-time favourite.

2. Jadyn B 19″ barrel women’s duffel bag

If you are looking for a durable and cute gym bag that can practically fit your entire gym life, then girl, you should look no further than this Jaydyn B duffel bag.

Although it has no inside pockets, there’s a front pocket that you can use to store your smaller essentials.  Oh, and this bag is available in 4 other equally colourful floral patterns.

3. Gym bag with yoga mat slot – uhawi yoga mat bag with 4 pockets 

This is the best ever gym bag with yoga mat slot, full stop. If you are a yogi, just prefer taking your own yoga mat to Pilates or any other gym classes, then this is the tote that will hold your gym essentials.

There’s room for not only one but two yoga mats, space for yoga blocks as well as enough room for all that your heart desires when you make trips to the gym.

4.  Fashionable gym bags with shoe and wet compartments 

What I love most about this duffle gym bag are the twelve pockets, (yes you heard that right!) both inside and outside, and a ‘wet pocket’ that you can use for your sweaty clothes and towel, or swimming costume if you are a swimmer.

Not only that, there’s a waterproof compartment that is easy peasy to clean- you just wipe, and all the dirty is swiftly gone.

If you want all your gym stuff in a certain neat and tidy way, then this bag is calling, buy it right now.

5. Under Armour women’s tempo backpack 

No list of the best fashionable gym bags for women would ever be complete without a bag or two, from Under Armour.

If you love backpacks and prefer a chic one for your workout essentials, then this Under Armour backpack has got your back-pun intended.

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6. Qogir neoprene sports gym bag

This is a cute gym bag from Qogir that clearly says you definitely know a thing a two about fashion. This bag is so Insta-ready, and everybody at your gym will be asking you where you got it from. If you are a minimalist, this bag was designed with you in mind.

7. Original floral tote bag shoulder bag for the gym 

Ultra-fancy is the word I would use to describe this floral gym bag. This tote bag will add that is available in 20 fresh colours and patterns. With this bag, you can easily switch from gym to work, work to weekend and whatever else suits your fancy.

8. Reebok plyo small gym bag 

When you talk about a cute gym bag, this Reebok plyo bag should always pop up. It has the right amount of awesomeness and size. It’s not too big or small, simply perfect for the gym or weekend getaway and is waterproof.


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