10 trendy mesh workout leggings for women

Mesh workout leggings will always be cute and trendy, it is a fact. But just like leggings with pockets, mesh leggings aren’t just eye candy, they serve a purpose when things heat up in the gym during yoga or aerobics class or when you just running.

There is a reason you don’t exercise in your most comfy sweatpants or favourite t-shirt. During exercise, your body produces sweat and if you are wearing the wrong workout gear, you will be drenched in sweat. This where breathable fabrics that draw away moisture from your body come in.


Mesh workout leggings for women

The best moisture-wicking fabrics include nylon, polyester, spandex, and Polypropylene. Anything made out of cotton is bound to ruin your workout because the material absorbs moisture and will leave you feeling colder or hotter, depending on the weather.

It’s important when buying workout clothes or any those cool mesh workout leggings, you carefully check the fabric they are made out of, before anything else.

Workout leggings with mesh provide extra value for money if they are first of all made out the right fabric. The mesh in performance tights is like an open window that lets the breeze in and is amazing during a sweat session. The mesh panels provide extra ventilation and help hold things in place for that perfect fit and form.

black gym mesh leggings for women

You have to, however, ensure that the mesh panels are soft enough and don’t irritate your skin. The placement of the mesh panels on workout leggings is just as important as the amount of mesh. You don’t want to buy mesh workout leggings that are awkward for you to wear in the gym. Check out these non see through workout leggings!

Ideally, you should buy mesh leggings that are cool and sexy but also leave something to the imagination, unless of course, you have other intentions!

What you will find in this roundup of mesh workout leggings are Lululemon mesh leggings, Nike mesh leggings, mesh leggings with pockets, mesh yoga pants and just the best workout leggings with mesh on Amazon.

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Mesh panels on leggings can be delicate and to ensure that the inserts hold up over time, wash the leggings in cold water.



1. Ongasoft Mesh Workout Leggings

 These sleek Ongasoft mesh workout leggings can be worn for just about any activity like running, yoga, dancing or squatting, and easily transition from day to night. And if you are looking for leggings with pockets, these yoga pants have two side pockets plus an inner secret pocket that you can use to hold money or bank cards.

The Ongasoft mesh workout leggings for women are available on Amazon from sizes small to large and in white, black, navy blue, gray and red.

2. 90 Degree by Reflex Criss Cross Mesh Leggings

90 Degree by Reflex is undeniably responsible for most of the best workout leggings for women on Amazon. These stunningly cute leggings are super sexy without showing too much skin. These workout pants can be worn in and out of the gym because they are not see through at all.



3. Under Armour HeatGear Armour Fashion Ankle Crop

Nothing screams hot, trendy, stunning like these Under Armour mesh workout leggings. These compression tights are soft and comfy and made to maximise ventilation through the mesh panels. Did I mention that they fit like second skin and will always, always stay in place during workouts?!



4. Feivo Yoga Pants


What is not to love about these fabulous leggings with pockets from Feivo which come in a variety of mesh patterns and colours?

Feivo mesh yoga pants are designed to hide that which every woman is conscious about- cottage cheese thigh and bums! The other great thing about these beautiful yoga pants is the tummy control feature because of the high waist.


5. Mint Lilac Women’s High Waist  Yoga Pants

Made from breathable mesh, these Mint Lilac leggings are designed to flatter any figure. The high waist also means that you will be able to happily tuck away any unflattering rolls of flesh.

You don’t have to worry about ordering a size up or down when you buy these yoga pants on Amazon because they are true to size and (drum-roll please)…they are non-see through!


These mesh pants are perfect for barre, ballet or yoga, and will accommodate any kind of stretch or pose without tearing up. These fancy mesh leggings have a hidden pocket for you to stash your stash. The stirrup leggings are available in black, dark grey and white.

7. RBX Active Spliced Color Block Leggings with Mesh Inserts

These yoga pants with mesh inserts are spicy and sweet at the same time. The various colours and patterns carter to women of all shapes and sizes. The leggings are opaque and are suitable for running, lifting, and anything in between.


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8. Nike Dri-FIT Power Women’s Running Tights

If you want to get your mesh on with Nike, then you will love this cool selection of Nike mesh leggings. Nike workout tights are best known for the Dri Fit technology.

The Nike pants are made from material which will help you stay dry no matter how much you sweat. The added bonus with Nike mesh leggings is that breath-ability is much more enhanced because of the mesh panels.


Reebok Women’s Leggings – Full-Length Performance Compression Pants

If you are tall and are looking for the perfect fit for your height, these Reebok leggings will impress you in so many ways. You can do Crossfit, Yoga, high impact aerobics and even run without any issues.

These leggings are made from performance fabric that make it difficult for them to slip down during any kind of workout.

gym mesh leggings with pockets
Nike and Lululemon mesh workout leggings
mesh workout leggings from under Armour
workout clothes and white yoga pants for women
Athleisure block mesh leggings for women
nike mesh leggings and lululemon leggings
white mesh leggings workout clothes
baleaf black leggings outfit for women

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