Ultimate Fitness Gifts – Fitness Gifts For Men & Gifts For Yoga Lovers

I come bearing the ultimate fitness gift guide! There are top 5 fitness gifts for him, and the best fitness gifts for her.

Everybody is covered in this special gifts for fitness lovers, guide.

There’re gifts for yoga lovers, sporty gifts for her, gifts for runners, gym bunnies, iron maidens, power-lifters, fitness bros, fitness newbies, and even that person who always scribbles down fitness on their  New Year’s resolutions list, but never follows it through. This guide has the best fitness gifts for men, gifts for a personal trainer and fitness gifts for her from Amazon.

This is a gift guide for gifts for fitness lovers, fitness gifts for her, and fitness gifts for him

These gift ideas are for any occasion. You can use this fitness gift guide to buy birthday gifts for a boyfriend or girlfriend, husband or wife and gifts for parents.

As far as events go the fitness gifts for men can be for Father’s Day or Christmas, while the fitness gifts for her can be for Mother’s Day, Christmas and whatever else you want.

As for gifts for a personal trainer, you can use the gift guide for your trainer or just your friends and family that need some fitness motivation.

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This fitness gift guide covers fitness essential such as the best headphones for running, the best wireless headphones, and the best running shoes for both men and women.

If you are shopping around for a fitness tracker and not sure where to put your money, worry not because that is covered in this fitness gift guide.

And of course, the list wouldn’t be complete without adding the best fitness DVDs for anyone who wants to workout but their pockets aren’t currently deep enough for a gym membership or those that just prefer exercising from the comfort of their home.
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If you have been struggling with finding that perfect fitness gifts for him, well, here’s a few items that are always won the hearts of men. 

Ultimate gift guide for fitness lovers. Fitness gifts for him and gym gifts for boyfriend

1. Fitness Watch- Garmin Forerunner 35

Fitness watches are here to stay and not just because they look cool on the arm. For anyone struggling with motivation to lose weight or just stay on the fitness track, fitness trackers go an extra mile to boost motivation.

If you are looking for the best fitness gifts for men who need some inspiration to get off the couch and jump on the fitness wagon, a nifty watch such as the Garmin Forerunner 35 is a perfect gift.

This sleek device is a bestseller on Amazon and just looking at the attractive square face, you can tell why without even delving into the features that set this fitness watch apart.

Garmin Forerunner comes with a built-in GPS, and a live feature and a battery that lasts well over 3 days. The watch accurately tracks heart rate, sleep, the distance on runs or cycling, or swimming and calories burned.

2. Gym Towels- Set Of 3 Multipurpose Towels

It goes without saying that intense work in the gym will produce sweat which must be wiped off at some point. Any man who grinds hard at the gym will appreciate this super absorbent and hypoallergenic set of towels.

The set contains a large, medium and small-sized self-drying towels which can easily fit into a gym bag. These very soft towels are available in three masculine colours.

3. Gym Bag – Adidas Defender III Duffel Bag

Fitness bros naturally carry a bag to the gym. A gym bag,  like this Adidas Defender III Duffel bag, should be large enough to hold a towel, water bottle, workout shoes, a tee, gloves, earphones, workout pants and sometimes supplements. A gym bag is essential to anybody that goes to the gym before or after work.


Having all the gym necessities in one place such as a dedicated gym bag is a great way to be prepared for a workout at the start or end of the day. Not sure what to carry in a gym bag? Check out these gym bag essentials for women.

4. Wireless Sports Headphones- SENSO Bluetooth Headphones

There is a good reason manufacturers are doing away with cord sports headphones. Cables are annoying when you are in the middle of a good run, or weightlifting session. Cables fray, they get it the way of a workout, and they tangle.

Almost everyone is now using wireless headphones because they make their lives easier and people are now able to do more with their hands.

Quality bluetooth headphones


Plus, Bluetooth headphones have better sound quality, look way cooler than coded ones and importantly, are more affordable than when they were just introduced on the market. Bluetooth headphones are the best fitness gifts for men who enjoy running, cycling or working out with music.

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5. Hydration Pack- Mubasel Gear Insulated Hydration Backpack

Men who love hiking, marathons, or mountain biking will highly appreciate receiving a hydration pack as a gift. Hydration packs surpass water bottles when it comes convenience. A hydration pack saves the runner or cyclist from slowing down or stopping along the way, in order to drink water.

So what’s a hydration pack you ask? It’s built and shaped like a backpack but only lighter and fitted with a rubber container which is also as a bladder or water reservoir.

The bladder has a small hose attached for sipping water.

Hydration packs are not only limited to storing liquids- they are fitted with extra pockets which can be used to store essentials like keys, sunscreen, bank cards, pepper spray or a cellphone.

6. Workout Plan For Men – Bigger Leaner Stronger

Some men love building muscle while others don’t. Regardless of their goals, fit men and those wishing to start exercising regularly will tell you that they would appreciate a workout plan that actually yields results.

Finding a gym workout routine that delivers on its promise is a tough mission. That is because we are living in a digital world where every corner you look, a fitness coach and their cousin is trying to sell a ‘customised workout plan’ which hasn’t been thought through well enough.

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Having a workout plan either for weight loss, or bodybuilding is very important. A workout program will force the user to show up every day in order to meet their fitness goals, keep track of muscles worked, and check progress.

There are few workout plans for men that have stood the test of time- Bigger Learner Stronger is one of the select few. It teaches men proper nutrition, how to effectively lose weight, the basics of strength training, and includes a 12-week workout plan that delivers insane results.

7. Funny Fitness Gift For Men – Crazy Funny Chicken Legs

Unisex chicken legs socks

Life is too serious. Fun it up with a funny fitness gift, will you?

The Best Fitness Gifts for Her


gifts for gym junkies. gift ideas for fitness lovers

It’s never a complicated mission to shop for a gift for a female fitness lover. You just need to know their favourite fitness activity and boom, you will find the perfect fitness gifts for her.

So what activity does your sister, friend, mother, or wife like to do?

Does she love running, yoga, swimming, lifting weights (squatting), and wellness stuff like essential oils? This fitness gift guide has all that and everything in-between. Happy shopping!

8. Essential Oils and Diffuser

Essential oils are natural products that are extracted from certain plants and the benefits are astounding. Essential oils can be used to treat: anxiety, depression, and stress; Headaches and migraines and insomnia.

Essential oils are also known to relieve aches and pains, boost energy and the immune system, and among other things, restore dry and flaky skin.

Essential oil diffuser

Top 10 essential oils and their use

  • Bergamot- reduces stress and improves eczema
  • Chamomile- improves mood
  • Jasmine- fights depression and insomnia and treats eczema
  • Lavender- most used essential oil- helps heal burns and wounds, soothes mind and body; contains powerful antioxidants that slow ageing
  • Lemon- helps with digestion and treats headaches
Box of top 18 essential oils

  • Peppermint- relieves nasal congestion
  • Rose- improves mood and reduces anxiety
  • Sandalwood- calms nerves and clears the mind
  • Tea Tree- cures infections and boosts immunity
  • Ylang-Ylang-used as an aphrodisiac and antidepressant

9. Fitness Gift For Her- Running Shoes

For cardio bunnies, a great pair of running shoes is heavenly. Runners often have, at least two pairs of shoes that they use on rotation, and replace quite often. Buying a fitness gift for her like running shoes will be a heart-warming gesture.

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So, what shoes should you buy for a runner as a gift?

There are quite a few good pairs of running shoes but the best ones currently are:




10. Waterproof fitness watch For Swimmers

The Garmin Vivoactive 3 is waterproof up to 50 meters or 164ft. It makes an ideal fitness gift for swimmers, people who enjoy mud runs or running in the rain. The Vivoactive 3 allows the user to still continue tracking metrics deep underwater and not just when in the shower.

Cool Garmin Vivoactive 3 Features

  • Battery lasts up to 7 days. 7 whole days, can you believe that?
  • It was the first Garmin wearable that was Garmin Pay™ ready. You can use the watch to pay for your purchases- no need to carry bank cards anymore.
  • It can track indoor and outdoor activities such as aerobics, swimming. Hiking, running, and so much more.

 Gifts For Fitness Lovers and Yoga Lovers

gifts for fitness lovers and the best fitness gifts for yoga lovers

Namaste. Yogis are passionate people and you have to ‘flow’ with them if you are looking for that perfect gift. Check out this awesome selection of the best gifts for yoga lovers.

11. Kindfolk Yoga Mat Duffle Bag Patterned Canvas with Pocket and Zipper

This adorable duffel bag can fit a yoga mat, foam roller, phone, and has extra room for a water bottle, keys, small towel, and headphones. It’s perfect for a trip to the yoga studio or gym. Go the extra mile with this cute gift for yogis, by filling it with a yoga mat or yoga accessories.

12. Non-Slip Yoga Mat


We’ve done the groundwork by choosing this a non-slip slip, non-toxic and amply cushioned yoga mat as an absolute gorgeous fitness gift for her.

13. Botanic Hearth Muscle Jelly

This hot jelly is fabulous for recovery from sore muscles- a must have for anyone gym junkie or yoga lover.

14. Light on Yoga: The Bible of Modern Yoga

This book is a stunning gift for yoga lovers, would be yoga instructors and those just starting out with Yoga.  The classic explains the yoga philosophy, ailments that yoga poses can relieve, and different yoga poses, accompanied by perfectly illustrated images. The book will accelerate any beginner to a pro in no time.


Best fitness gifts for men




Ultimate gift guide for yoga lovers ( and fitness gift guide for men and women


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