10 thoughtful gifts for runners who have everything

Friends, here’s a pickle. How on earth do you decide what gifts to buy for runners who have everything? Well, they might not exactly have it all figured out but, from where we’re standing, they lack not.

So, we ask ourselves again- gifts for runners who have everything, what can we buy for them that they’ll truly appreciate?

 Well, this is where I say this- I am and have been a runner for some good years, and I hang out with runners- well not always but still.

unique gifts for runners who have everything

My point is this-I have inside information on this topic. And, I’ll share this scoop with you for free.

Yep, I’m generous like you- I mean, if you’ve been scouring the big world-wide-web asking yourself what to buy for a runner who has everything, my instincts tell me that you’re a really nice and generous person. I like that!

Please indulge me while I unpack a handsome list of thoughtful gifts for runners who (seemingly) have it all figured out.

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Thoughtful gifts for runners who have everything

1. Medal hanger 

Once a runner starts entering races, it becomes an addiction. It all starts with that first 5k, then on to 10k, 21k, 42k and everything else there possibly is.
Entering races also means that medals will be collected, no matter how slow or fast one runs.
I started running in 2014 and back then, I had no clue how many medals I would end up collecting within a year.

I was ecstatic when those medals started rolling in, but when they were over a certain number, I struggled with finding a well-deserving place for my mementoes.
I say all that to say this, a medal display hanger might seem like a small gift, but in the world of running, this is a thoughtful gift for runners.
Every runner needs a special place to remind them of their mental strength, hard work and perseverance.
This marathon medal display is amazing because, not only is it easy to install, but has a place for bibs, and can hold up to 40 medals.

gifts for a runner female

2. Wireless headphones for running 

Every runner’s pet peeve is having items become loose while running. Small things like hair in the face, shoelaces becoming loose and of course, and headphone wires getting tangled or in the way, instantly drive runners crazy.Some runners prefer total silence when running, as that allows them to focus and think clearly, while others are motivated to run even faster and further, by the sound of music.
I’m one of those people who can’t run without music- I hate hearing myself breathe, and every sound around me is a distraction.

For runners like me who love running with music, we want our mission to be disturbance-free, thus, wireless headphones are an absolute must.
There are plenty of wireless headphones for running on the market, but the ENACFIRE Bluetooth 5.0 is the most advanced and ultimate best wireless earbuds on the market today.
These wireless earbuds are waterproof, up to 106 hours of battery life, easily pairs with other devices, and boy the sound quality is absolutely top-notch.
This will make the perfect gift for a runner who has everything but the coolest wireless headphones for running.

 Thermal running tights

Runners wear lots of layers during winter to keep themselves from freezing their butts off, but the downside of that is that sometimes too many layers become less breathable.
The perfect solution to too much layering is finding the best pair of thermal running tights that are comfortable and high-waisted, breathable and wicks away moisture to prevent runners from getting cold when they sweat.

3. Best men’s winter running pants 

The price tag aside, Under Armour, are the best brand on the market when it comes to thermal pants.
These pants are well suited for running, cycling, skiing, and any other winter workout. The sweetest part is that they can also double up as long johns.
You can buy the Under Armour Men’s Coldgear leggings from Amazon.

Gifts for runners who have everything

what gifts to buy for runners who have everything_ You can buy them some of these unique gifts for runners and thoughtful gifts for runners

4. Women’s thermal running tights

Like I said earlier, Under Armour has the best thermal workout gear. The best part about these women’s thermal running tights, from Under Armour is that they are non-see through, and don’t slide down when running.
Running tights that stay up while running is as important as running shoes. These leggings as a gift will be considered not only thoughtful but also stunning!

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5. GPS running watch

There’re a lot of fitness watches and trackers on the market, but not all of them are specifically built for running.

A running watch is supposed to help a runner understand their running pace better but most watches aren’t equipped to accurately monitor and adjust a runner’s pace.

Two things are important to a runner when buying the best running watch. Runners want a watch that has a reliable built-in GPS, to accurately track pace and distance. A running watch’s ability to measure heart rate correctly is also considered.

These two factors are, most of the time, what determines the price tag for fitness watches. If you want to buy an accurate running watch for a runner, the Garmin Forerunner 235 is the best bang for your buck. 

However, if you can afford it, the Garmin Forerunner 935 is the best on the shelf and comes with all the advanced features a runner can only dream of in a fitness watch. This watch is equipped to asses a runner’s training status to show if they’re undertraining or overdoing it. There’s definitely a reason why this running watch is on most runners’ wish lists!

6. Gift for a female runner- Best running bra 

What can be more thoughtful as a gift for a female runner than a sports bra specifically designed for running?!

This sports bra is the best bra for high impact exercise such as running. Your runner friend will appreciate this bra and they probably end up buying a few more pairs for themselves afterwards.

The design is simply flawless and female runners will tell you that you won’t experience any bouncing of the girls while running!


7. Cushioned socks for running 

I’d have included running shoes on this list for runners who have everything because, you know, running shoes are to be replaced between 450 to 550 miles.

So, in a nutshell, runners would appreciate it greatly if you were to buy them running shoes. But there’s a BUT.

Here it comes- you can’t buy running shoes for them unless you know their shoe size, what kind of pronators they are, the kind of surface they enjoy running on, whether they enjoy long or short distance runs, or the kind of feet they have-high arch or flat feet (yep, running is a complicated business).

What you can instead do, is buy them cushioned socks for running. These socks are special and loved by everyone because they provide extra padding and help reduce sock and foot pain during running.

8. Treadmill for runners

Runners, and just about everyone else who has ever stepped on it, usually dread the treadmill, hence the term ‘dreadmill’.

But, a treadmill has its ups even for veteran runners.

I will tell you why most runners either have a gym membership, or treadmill at home, and if they don’t, most wish they had a treadmill.

The weather can be harsh in winter. Think ice-cold, and all that gloom that comes with it. Getting out of the front door is hard when the temperature is freezing.

And even when someone manages to get out and run, there’s no guarantee that they won’t slip and fall in the ice. The result of such a fall might result in injury. And injury is one thing no runner ever wants.

Trust me, a treadmill is a must for runners, especially in winter. Besides, this is the time runners get to chill, on the treadmill and watch Netflix.

The best treadmill when you are unable to run outside is the NordicTrack Commercial Treadmill Series

Unique gifts for runners

9. Running belt 

When out on a run, there are small essential items that runners want to carry along with them. Car keys, bank card, cash, a phone or drivers licence, are some of the things that runners like to bring along, but without the inconvenience of carrying a backpack or holding the items in the hands.

A running belt is an ideal answer to such inconveniences. It goes around the waist and can securely hold small items.

Unlike fanny packs, running belts are designed to handle high impact activities, that’s why they can stay in place when running.

 Runners who own this running belt have echoed each other on how this belt never bounces around during running. It fits snuggly, is made from high-quality material and is very comfortable to a point where the wearer barely notices or feels it.

This is a perfect gift for a runner who wants to be hands-free when running. This is a perfect gift for a runner who wants to be hands-free when running.

10. Running sunglasses 

As a runner, one of my biggest irritations is having an insect enter one of my eyes when running in the outdoors.

The times I have experienced this have been dreadful. I try to run with sunglasses now, after having crossed paths (too many times) with those pesky little insects as well as, what I sometimes call, unidentified flying objects lol.

Seriously though, every runner wants to protect their eyes but sometimes outdoor sunglasses disappoint us. Some sunglasses tend to be heavy on the face, don’t fit snuggly or the optics just aren’t that great.

These running sunglasses are the best for keeping the wind, rain or sun out of the face. They are incredibly lightweight, have clear and polarized lenses and most of all, they don’t shake while you run.

11. Foam roller for runners  

Runners have a love/hate relationship with foam rolling. Mostly, it’s a love affair because foam rollers work like magic to help with muscle soreness, and speed up the recovery process, after long runs.

Instead of getting an expensive Thai massage every time someone runs a marathon, they can just use a foam roller in the comfort of their home, and the following day, all that muscle pain will be history.

If you are looking for gifts for marathon runners after the race, then a foam roller is simply the best one that you could ever give them.

The best foam roller for runners is the TriggerPoint GRID foam roller, and it also comes with an instructional video for newbie users.

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