Coffee And Lemon For Weight Loss {Everything You Need to Know}

Did you know that you can drink coffee for weight loss and not just for when you need to get your day started or need an extra pep in your step? Yes, for years, coffee has been known to stimulate weight loss by revving up metabolism and suppressing appetite. But now, another discovery has been made which involves coffee and lemon diet recipes. The new trend is simply known as coffee and lemon for weight loss. Here is how it started:

coffee and lemon diet recipes

The beginning of May in 2021, gave birth to a new and popular coffee and lemon for weight loss trend on TikTok. What started as someone sharing their weight loss transformation by adding a glass of coffee and lemon to their diet soon became viral and everyone who jumped on the wagon was not disappointed- myself included!

While everyone was reeling from the lockdown weight gain, coffee and lemon for weight loss provided the much-needed transformations that saw people losing weight as fast as they had gained it during quarantine.

Those who didn’t know how this incredible weight loss drink worked sought answers, but very few people provided them. Which might be the reason you have landed on this page. You have seen other people’s results but have no idea how this lemon and coffee for weight works.

What has been on everyone’s mind and mugs, thanks to amazing transformations shared on TikTok is a simple, quick blend of instant coffee and some lemon juice. The combo has produced absolute wonders and will do so for your weight loss journey.

Once all your questions have been answered, one thing you’ll love about this lemon and coffee weight loss drink is how easy it is to prepare and how fast it is to see significant results.

How to Drink Coffee for Weight Loss

Normal coffee drinkers or addicts add things such as cream, sugar, and milk, all of which contain calories and are not beneficial to weight loss. Coffee for weight loss is a much simpler drink that is plain as Jane. You do not add anything to it except for… well, lemon!

While the coffee and lemon for weight loss drink has been a big hit for months, not many people know how to drink the combo and when to start seeing results.

coffee and lemon for weight loss

In this article, I’ll share the coffee and lemon recipe for weight loss, and some of the side effects the ladies I have spoken with have experienced.

I’ll also answer all your burning questions like when and how many times per day should you take the combo, why you might be having sleepless nights after drinking coffee and lemon, whether it is safe to drink while breastfeeding, and what you should use instead if you do not like coffee.

Does Coffee and Lemon Burn Belly Fat?

The big question everybody is asking is does coffee and lemon help you lose weight? Well, the answer is backed by science, and not because someone on TikTok accidentally had great weight loss results by mixing coffee and lemon. The science behind drinking coffee for weight loss is that overweight individuals who drink 4 cups of coffee a day may benefit from weight loss and other health benefits.

This is according to a study carried out by Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health researchers. The research concluded that caffeine played a significant role in boosting metabolism, which effectively increases the rate at which you burn calories.  

does coffee and lemon burn belly fat


So does coffee and lemon burn belly fat?

A study published in The Journal of Nutrition found that those who drink two or three cups of coffee a day have a 2.8% lower total body and abdominal fat than those who drink less (1). Researchers suggested that incorporating coffee into a healthy diet could reduce chronic conditions caused by obesity.

If you look at most fat burners on the market, you will notice that most of them have a very high amount of caffeine per capsule (mostly around 200-270mg of caffeine, sometimes more!).

The side effects of most fat burners should be the reason why you should be brewing your cup of coffee and lemon for weight loss. 

On the other hand, besides being a great source of vitamin C, drinking lemon water has loads of health benefits. Lemon contains antioxidants that help in boosting the immune system. Other notable benefits of lemon include the prevention of kidney stones and improved digestion.

On the weight loss front, lemon contains micronutrients called polyphenols, which have been proven to suppress body fat accumulation and weight gain (2). In a study carried out in Japan by a team of researchers, it was found that lemon also significantly helps regulate insulin and glucose levels and may prevent obesity.

Frequently Asked Questions About Coffee And Lemon Juice for Weight Loss

The information shared here was part of research that I carried out in various Facebook groups from real people who have tried this diet. Some were successful with losing weight, while others had their own up-and-down experiences. All in all, this answers the most frequently asked questions in the dedicated coffee and lemon FB groups. As you jump on the lemon and coffee drink wagon, the answers below will help manage your expectations.

coffee lemon and hot water recipe

What is the best time to drink black coffee for weight loss?

Black coffee for weight loss reduces appetite and contains zero calories. If you are counting calories for weight loss, it means it makes sense then to drink black coffee for weight loss twice –  once in the morning and again in the afternoon. This will help you eat less and stay under the calorie limit between breakfast and lunch. Drinking black coffee for weight loss in the afternoon will also help you beat unhealthy snacking between mid-afternoon and bedtime. 

If you can drink black coffee after dinner and still fall asleep, bless your heart. Otherwise, stick to the morning and afternoon sips.

How to prepare black coffee for weight loss

There really isn’t a special recipe for preparing black coffee for weight loss. Simply boil water and pour it over the coffee beans. You should not add anything else to it. Not honey, not sugar, not cream, or artificial sweeteners. Nothing. Drink it black. And if that is too plain for you, then add lemons to the mix!

what is the best time to drink black coffee for weight loss

How many times per day should you drink lemon and coffee for weight loss?

Rule number one of anything good in life is that you must do it in moderation because sometimes the line between good and bad tends to be thin. In the case of this weight loss drink, the line becomes very thin pretty fast.

Stick to a maximum of 4 cups per day of the lemon and coffee drink for weight loss. Anything over that may result in side effects- I will discuss this further down.

For example, you can drink one cup of coffee and lemon in the morning but if your body can not handle too much caffeine, your second drink just before bed should only be a cup of lemon and warm water.

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Can I drink coffee and lemon for weight loss while breastfeeding?

The simple answer is no! You should NOT drink coffee and lemon for weight loss while breastfeeding because whatever you eat or drink is passed on to the baby. As you may already know, caffeine is bad for the growth and development of the baby plus, the combination of lemon and coffee decreases milk supply. As a nursing mother, your focus should be on ensuring that your baby gets all the nutrients through breast milk.

The best way to lose weight while breastfeeding is through exercising, controlling your meal portions, and eating healthy consistently.

How long should you wait to eat other foods after drinking coffee and lemon?

When you wake up in the morning, prepare and take your coffee and lemon and then wait 30 minutes before you can have breakfast. If you are also taking the combo in the evening, then have the drink 30 minutes after your last meal for the day.

do coffee and lemon for weight loss

Which black coffee is best for weight loss?

Any brand of black coffee with a reasonable amount of caffeine will work. Decaffeinated coffee will not work for weight loss because you need caffeine to speed up your metabolism and suppress your appetite.

Can I add sugar or honey to my lemon and coffee weight loss drink?

No! You cannot add sugar, honey, or artificial sweeteners to your lemon and coffee weight loss drink. Sugar has no nutritional value, apart from the empty calories you will get from it.

Refined sugar falls under simple carbs- which are broken down quickly by the body. Simple carbs will give you the energy that will only last for a while before sending you into an energy slump.

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What should I eat when drinking coffee and lemon for weight loss?

I always preach about eating healthy for life and not cutting out food groups. Each food group provides essential nutrients, and eliminating foods like fats, dairy or carbohydrates deprives the body of crucial nutrients.

Yes, you must avoid processed foods such as chocolates, sweets, fizzy drinks, cold meat, pastries, white bread, and cakes but for everything else that is healthy, you should eat in moderation.

Your plate should ideally consist of lots of vegetables, some protein, a few complex carbs (sweet potatoes, quinoa, brown rice, beans, etc.), and healthy fats. You should also drink about 10 cups of water daily and be active by walking more. 

Read this article that contains 32 foods that burn belly fat fast, to get an idea of what kinds of foods are great when dieting.

Coffee and Lemon for Weight Loss Side Effects

Just like you, I was also curious about coffee and lemon for weight loss side effects.

Through talking to several ladies who had tried coffee and lemon for weight loss, I found that not everyone experiences side effects when taking the lemon and coffee combo.

Some of the common coffee and lemon drink for weight loss side effects include:

Some of the ladies experienced nausea, while others had tummy cramps, runny stomachs, and heartburn. Others experienced sleep problems and hand tremors because of the high amounts of caffeine. The scariest one however was heart palpitations, which should never be taken lightly. 

If you experience anything severe, stop immediately, and always remember social media or the internet is not a hospital. You need to consult a doctor before starting a new diet if you have pre-existing conditions or are overweight.

Coffee and Lemon for Weight Loss Side Effects


Some ladies that have tried this combo have reported headaches. Caffeine can cause headaches, and if you are not used to it, you might experience headaches during the first few days. Start with only one cup of coffee a day and see how your body reacts.

If coffee is not your thing, try substituting it with green tea. You could also just drink warm lemon water. Another weight loss drink that has no caffeine but is effective is this lemon, mint, and ginger weight loss drink.

Coffee and Lemon for Weight Loss Recipe

This coffee and lemon for weight loss recipe is easy and takes less than 5 minutes to prepare. You should drink this after waking up in the morning and after your last meal for the day. If you have trouble falling asleep after drinking coffee at night, drink only lemon and hot water after 4 pm.

Yield: 1

Coffee and lemon recipe for weight loss

coffee lemon and hot water recipe

This coffee and lemon for weight loss recipe is easy and takes less than 5 minutes to prepare. You should drink this after waking up in the morning and after your last meal for the day. If you have trouble falling asleep after drinking coffee at night, drink only lemon and hot water after 4 pm.

You can substitute fresh lemons with unsweetened concentrated lemon juice.

Prep Time 5 minutes
Total Time 5 minutes


  • 2 teaspoons lemon juice, freshly squeezed
  • 1 teaspoon of coffee
  • 1 cup warm water


    Stir well and drink on an empty stomach in the morning, or 30 minutes after eating in the evening.


Coffee and Lemon for Weight Loss Reviews

This coffee and lemon for weight loss review is between 15  December 2021 and 16 February 2022, which is about 2 months. I did not change my diet much since we were in the middle of Christmas and New Year festivities. I ate pretty much everything, especially during the week leading to Christmas. 

I also did not do a lot of exercises during this period apart from walking 3 times a week. The starting weight was  242 pounds (110 kg) and was down to 224 pounds (102kg) in February. 

I honestly think I lost more inches than pounds looking at the side-by-side photos. The most significant result was that my belly fat dropped quite a lot and the extra tire in my lower belly was completely gone. I did not experience side effects mostly because I am used to drinking coffee.

coffee and lemon for weight loss results

Final thoughts on Coffee and lemon for weight loss results

Fad diets have come and gone, and this coffee and lemon for weight loss might or might not be a fad. Time and results will tell.

 The desire to want to lose weight is always the same and that is why you should always remember that weight loss is a long game. If you are trying to lose weight because you need to look good for an occasion, you will probably lose the weight and gain it all back after the special event. Take your time, make sure you have a plan to maintain your weight loss, and if you have tried everything to lose weight but in vain, then maybe it is time to work with a dietician.

While this coffee and lemon for weight loss recipe seem to work wonders for most people, it might not work just as well for you because everyone is different.

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does coffee and lemon help you lose weight

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