5 easy ways to avoid winter weight gain

How to avoid winter weight gain

Winter weight gain is real and unless you are a bear or squirrel, there shouldn’t be any need for you to go into fitness hibernation in winter. Your focus on your fitness goals in winter should be as solid as any other season. Exercising in winter may seem impossible especially if you are reading this from under your duvet but if you are truly determined, you can totally avoid seasonal weight gain.

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How to reduce the appearance of cellulite on thighs and bum

Bio-Oil for cellulite. How to reduce cellulite and stretchmarks on bums and thighs

As someone who has been prone to cellulite since I can remember, I have searched high and low over the years for the best way to reduce the appearance of cellulite on the thighs and bum. After trying a thousand remedies and cellulite creams, my searches have finally yielded successful results as far as reducing the appearance of cellulite and some of the easiest ways are cutting down on dairy, sugar, and bread and also using bio oil for cellulite.

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Fitness Chat with Joan Venter

fitness chat Joan

Joan Venter considers herself a late bloomer in the sense that fitness and living a healthy lifestyle became part of her life only after her kids had been born. Joan started to train regularly only in her late 20s. Up till then, she never had an interest in exercise or getting fitter as she deemed herself an academic and always had her nose in books. But that all changed once she got into it and has never looked back, except for the time that she was involved in an accident and had to undergo operations. Today at the age of 54, Joan Venter still trains six days a week and reveals her training splits in this Fitness Chat.

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