Planet Fitness Paints Nelson Mandela Square Blue With a Sweat Workout Party

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Last Saturday, on 4th March 2019, Planet Fitness took over Nelson Mandela Square for their pilot SWEAT Workout Party. Over 800 fitness lovers, Fitness Chat editor included, gathered at the square for a 5-hour workout marathon. The sweat session started out with a warm-up of yoga, followed a variety of group exercise classes that Planet Fitness offers to its club members.

Planet Fitness Sweat Workout Party


Workouts included a buzzing sweat session of Brazilian Booty Blast™, which was a massive thrill for the ladies. Oh and men of course. Because who doesn’t like a tight butt and sexy legs?!


The Brazilian Booty Blast™ session which was presented by MC Siv Ngesi, targets the lower body but with a tighter focus (pun intended) on the glutes.  Exercises such as a variation of squats and lunges are performed to upbeat Brazilian music.  The class was exciting as we literally got to dance our butts off.




After a short water break, the gears were shifted and we entered the calorie-torching ZUMBA® zone.  What was super amazing about this workout is that it didn’t feel like a workout because of how fun it was to dance and watch others unleash their inner dance superpowers to Latin music.


Planet Fitness Sweat Workout Party


Zumba is a popular class at Planet Fitness among the members because of how it literally takes the “work” out of the workout, by mixing low-intensity and high-intensity moves for an interval-style, calorie-burning dance fitness class.


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Planet Fitness clubs offer the following: ZUMBA®, Aqua ZUMBA® and ZUMBA® Gold classes to its members.

Other workouts included a faced paced Kickboxing session on steroids – think Billy Blanks Tae-Bo class but much more intense. Phew!


Planet fitness boxing class


Others included cardio, strength and conditioning and the intensive Puma Primal which “is a training system that maximises integrated movement potential and teaches the human body to move as it is designed to move.


All classes which were part of the Planet Fitness Sweat Workout Party are offered in selected Planet Fitness gyms nationwide.

Fun was had, in abundance. Cool prizes were won. Nourishing supplements and swag bags were handed out in numbers. The ultimate workout experience was a huge success.


And while muscles ached hours and days after the sweat party, every person that attended thought the pain was well worth it and are looking forward to more events  Sweat Workout Parties.


Sweat Workout Party by Planet Fitness Gym


Planet Fitness CEO, Manny Rivera, agreed. “We were extremely happy with the turnout and energy at our SWEAT Workout Party, a success through and through and we hope to build on this success and do this again, possibly in other regions, so that everyone gets the chance to experience a unique day of exhilarating workouts, pumping music, expert trainers and lots of fun.”

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