steroids body building- how to take steroids safely

GUEST POST by Vikesh Dhayaram who shares his honest advice about steroids and bodybuilding in this article.

It’s pretty much impossible to hear a discussion about sports without the issue of anabolic-androgenic steroids (AAS) arising these days. As recent Olympic contestants and popular professional athletes are caught or even accused of using steroids, the public takes more of an interest in this “sub-culture” of sports.

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5 easy ways to avoid winter weight gain

How to avoid winter weight gain

Winter weight gain is real and unless you are a bear or squirrel, there shouldn’t be any need for you to go into fitness hibernation in winter. Your focus on your fitness goals in winter should be as solid as any other season. Exercising in winter may seem impossible especially if you are reading this from under your duvet but if you are truly determined, you can totally avoid seasonal weight gain.

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Banting Diet Success Stories: How Laurel Lost 30kgs (66 Pounds)

Banting diet weight loss success story

Laurel Abrahamse had battled with weight problems all her life, tried almost every diet known to mankind with no success.  After researching on the Banting diet, Laurel finally found the answer to her weight issues and eventually lost 30kgs. She shares her banting diet success weight loss success story with Fitness Chat.

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3 Reasons To Love The Color Run- The Happiest 5K on the Planet

Color Run Pretoria 2018

The Happiest 5K on the Planet was in Pretoria town, at the Rugby Club, on 21 July 2018 under the theme, Carnival Tour.  Color Run South Africa had earlier promised to roll out the grandest parade yet,  and true to its word,  the Carnival Tour Pretoria, brought with it stilt walkers, balloon shapers, music, good-natured clowning around, and colour, colour, colour.

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Dangers Of Detoxing And Why You Don’t Need To Detox

you do not need to detox to lose weight

We hear it all the time! “I need to lose weight, but first I must do a detox.” And around this time of the year when we are recovering from the festive season, almost everyone is looking for concoctions to help them detox.  The fact is you do not need to cleanse your system with smoothies, juices and all the other products floating around. A healthy pair of kidneys and a well-functioning liver performs the job quite well without the fad diets which tend to deprive the body of nutrients. Desi Horsman, nutritionist, speaker and wellness expert, explains to Fitness Chat why you don’t need to detox to lose weight.

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For over 20 years, Planet Fitness has been growing its health clubs and keeping South Africa fit, at a very steady pace. But now all is about to change as Planet Fitness embarks on an aggressive growth path which will involve the opening of two new fitness clubs every month for the next 24 months. With this expansion program, Planet Fitness will ultimately grow its clubs from 45 to 93. To kick off the campaign, Planet Fitness opened the first of its signature clubs,  in Morningside at the Wedge Centre, on 9th June 2018.

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Asics Gel Pulse 9 Running Shoes Review

Asics Gel Pulse 9 Running Shoes review

It has been almost three months since I received brand new kicks from Asics South Africa. Since then, I have literally been gliding on the road in the Asics Gel Pulse 9.


The shoes have so far helped me to effortlessly hit two personal 5k bests. I have covered a distance of 45 kilometres thus far in these shoes and now feel that at this point, I can share with you a thorough review of Asics Gel Pulse 9.

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After going through this ultimate guide to cheap workout clothes, you will forever be on the lookout for gym clothes on a budget because you will realise just how cute and of good quality cheap activewear can be.

This post is a roundup of awesome workout Capri pants for running, Capri pants for yoga and just leggings for warmer weather.

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