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Joan Venter considers herself a late bloomer in the sense that fitness and living a healthy lifestyle became part of her life only after her kids had been born. Joan started to train regularly only in her late 20s. Up till then, she never had an interest in exercise or getting fitter as she deemed herself an academic and always had her nose in books. But that all changed once she got into it and has never looked back, except for the time that she was involved in an accident and had to undergo operations. Today at the age of 54, Joan Venter still trains six days a week and reveals her training splits in this Fitness Chat.

What is your background as a personal trainer?

As mentioned I was more into developing my brainpower than my physical abilities. After hearing the truth about my physique from a person very dear to me, I decided to prove that I could turn my “look” around and use what later became almost an addiction for stress relief, to change my own body. I became a personal trainer because my new figure had many people reach out to me, asking for assistance in reaching their own goals.  After being in the industry for nearly 29 years and working in various gyms, I am now the owner of my own personal training studio, JC ReNew.

Fitness interview Joan venter

What is the most fulfilling thing about being a trainer?

To see people reaching their goals – goals they never thought were possible before and couldn’t reach on their own.

Can you take me through your weekly training split?

Since I am also a spinning instructor, cardio consists of the following: Three spin classes a week, two sessions of running, stepper and rowing plus a long outdoor road cycle of 2-4 hours on a Sunday.

Monday – Delts/Abs/Calves

Tuesday – Legs

Wednesday – Chest/Back/Abs

Thursday – Bi’s/ Tri’s and Rehab Delt work

Friday – A functional training session or CrossFit WODs

What is your favourite and least favourite body parts to train?

Legs & delts are very high up on the favourites list. If I have to pick a least favourite part I guess I’ll have to say chest.

What top 10 foods would I find in your kitchen?

You would definitely find chicken, fish, ostrich meat, peanut butter, avocados, dates, whey protein, veggies, olive oil and coconut oil.

Let’s take a look at your nutrition. How is your diet like?

I competed for 13 years nonstop and the routine has sort of stuck with me.

Because I start work at 5 am, I am normally up by 2.30am latest and have my first meal at 4 am. Apart from that, I have five more meals throughout the day as well as another just before bedtime. My focus is mostly on quality protein, good fats and veggies. I do allow myself a cheat meal over the weekends.

How do you prepare meals? Do you cook daily or cook for the week?

I prepare all my meals and food on a Saturday due to my busy schedule during the week. So every night, it is just a matter of taking containers out of the fridge and packing them into my bag.

What supplements do you use and why?

After many years of trying various things and finding most to have no benefit to me whatsoever, I decided to stick with BCAA’s, Glutamine and Whey protein.

I use whey for the convenience of having my protein in “liquid” form when in a hurry or not feeling ready for something solid like early morning or at night.

I take BCAA/Glutamine before and after training my training sessions, to assist with recovery.

What keeps you motivated?

The way I feel after a training session like I can take on the world, all the problems seem smaller, that is what keeps me going.

What is the best fitness advice that you would like to share?

If you want something, you have to do what it takes to get it BUT, start a routine that can become a lifestyle. One that you can sustain, paying equal attention to exercise, nutrition, rest and recovery.

What is your ultimate goal in fitness?

I would like to educate as many as possible people about the benefits of a healthy lifestyle including exercise and nutrition so that they can help themselves. I also want to impart the knowledge that it’s never too late to start reaping the benefits of a healthy lifestyle.

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