10 Ways to stay in shape on vacation


As much as vacations present the perfect time to relax and treat yourself, they can also be frustrating when there are fitness goals to maintain or attain. Nobody wants to destroy their weeks of progress in the gym and kitchen by not working out nor tracking their meals while away.

At the same time, no sane person ever wants to go on vacation with a food scale, prepped meals or gym equipment. There are ways to stay fit while on vacation without seeming suspiciously insane.

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Keto Shopping List (The Ultimate Grocery List for Beginners)

Keto shopping list for beginners

So, almost everyone you know and their mother is following the keto diet.  Their weight loss results are impressive, almost insane. Now you have decided, you’ve got to jump on the Ketogenic diet too. Wise decision, I say! You are on to something great on your healthy lifestyle journey. Okay, but what exactly should you eat while on the results-driven keto diet? What does a keto shopping list look like, you ask?

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steroids body building- how to take steroids safely

GUEST POST by Vikesh Dhayaram who shares his honest advice about steroids and bodybuilding in this article.

It’s pretty much impossible to hear a discussion about sports without the issue of anabolic-androgenic steroids (AAS) arising these days. As recent Olympic contestants and popular professional athletes are caught or even accused of using steroids, the public takes more of an interest in this “sub-culture” of sports.

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Banting Diet Success Stories: How Laurel Lost 30kgs (66 Pounds)

Banting diet weight loss success story

Laurel Abrahamse had battled with weight problems all her life, tried almost every diet known to mankind with no success.  After researching on the Banting diet, Laurel finally found the answer to her weight issues and eventually lost 30kgs. She shares her banting diet success weight loss success story with Fitness Chat.

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Dangers Of Detoxing And Why You Don’t Need To Detox

you do not need to detox to lose weight

We hear it all the time! “I need to lose weight, but first I must do a detox.” And around this time of the year when we are recovering from the festive season, almost everyone is looking for concoctions to help them detox.  The fact is you do not need to cleanse your system with smoothies, juices and all the other products floating around. A healthy pair of kidneys and a well-functioning liver performs the job quite well without the fad diets which tend to deprive the body of nutrients. Desi Horsman, nutritionist, speaker and wellness expert, explains to Fitness Chat why you don’t need to detox to lose weight.

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How to Stay Fit and Eat Healthy During Holidays

how to stay fit during holidays

The most wonderful time of the year is once again upon us. We are going to relax. We are going to eat good food, lots of yummy food. And then we are going to rest. And repeat the process until the season passes or we learn to exercise some self-control.


But for most of us, the chances of exercising self-control are on the same level of us winning the lottery. Slim. Zero. None! And so we need great tips on stay fit and eat healthy during the holidays and avoid winter weight gain in order to keep it together in the midst of the jolly good times.

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How to Overcome Emotional Eating

How to Overcome Emotional Eating

Until recently, I did not ever think that I would ever classify myself as an emotional eater. But stressful situations in the recent past have had me questioning my eating habits and this caused me to reach out to a wellness expert and nutritionist and seek some answers about emotional eating.

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