Planet Fitness Paints Nelson Mandela Square Blue With a Sweat Workout Party

Planet Fitness Sweat Workout Party at Nelson Mandela Square

Last Saturday, on 4th March 2019, Planet Fitness took over Nelson Mandela Square for their pilot SWEAT Workout Party. Over 800 fitness lovers, Fitness Chat editor included, gathered at the square for a 5-hour workout marathon. The sweat session started out with a warm-up of yoga, followed a variety of group exercise classes that Planet Fitness offers to its club members.

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Self- defence moves for women

A  couple of months ago I wrote about running safety tips, an article that had been inspired by an American woman, Kelly Herron, who had been assaulted in a public restroom at a park during an afternoon run. Kelly shared on Instagram that she had taken self-defence lessons and she utilised what she had learned from the self-defence class to fight for her life during the attack. The self-defence moves that she had learned, saved her.

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