5 easy ways to avoid winter weight gain

Winter weight gain is real and unless you are a bear or squirrel, there shouldn’t be any need for you to go into fitness hibernation in winter. Your focus on your fitness goals in winter should be as solid as any other season. Exercising in winter may seem impossible especially if you are reading this from under your duvet but if you are truly determined, you can totally avoid seasonal weight gain.

how to avoid winter weight gain

People gain weight when temperatures drop because they suddenly shift from being fairly active to becoming more sedentary. And not only that, colder temperatures present the perfect need for us to stuff our faces with winter comfort foods, or simply run Netflix marathons on the couch.

Yes, exercising in winter can be challenging but now is the best time to remind yourself over and over ‘WHY’ you are doing it. Winter is also that time when you have to dig into that inner place that is not swayed neither by weather nor excuses. When you gain weight in winter, it’s not all that easy to lose it in summer.

How to lose weight and avoid weight gain in winter

1. Work up a sweat to avoid seasonal weight gain


How to lose weight in winter
You have a choice to get sweating in winter by either getting up to exercise or cosying up in front of the fireplace. You could also choose to kill two birds with one stone simply by exercising right in front of the fireplace in your house if stepping out to visit your gym is such a drag.

Set a goal for yourself to exercise at least three times a week, for no less than 20 minutes, either at home or the gym.
If you do not have access to a conventional gym, workout DVDs like these ones here, or these YouTube fitness channels and workout videos can be great alternatives.


workout in winter to avoid a winter weight gain story


Motivation to exercise in winter may dwindle as temperatures drop but you should remind yourself constantly that winter is not going to last forever and your actions (or lack of) during this period, will be reflected in how your clothes fit you in a couple of weeks.

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2. Try out a fitness class or join a boot camp to avoid winter weight gain

how to lose weight in winter with exercise

If you have never tried boot camp workouts, winter is the best time for you to join. Other than torching an insane amount of calories in a short space of time, boot camp fitness is a source of accountability and motivation. You are bound to work harder in a group fitness setting than you would if you were doing it solo.

Most boot camps offer amazing specials in winter, be sure to look up boot camps in your area and sign up.
If the intensity of a boot camp terrifies the daylights out of you, you can look into joining a fitness class at your local gym for the extra push to workout in winter.

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3. Wear your activity tracker  for extra motivation

One of the coolest ways to avoid winter weight gain is to find creative ways to stay active which do not necessarily involve strict workout routines. Wearing a fitness tracker will motivate you to keep moving.

Wear a Fitness tracker to keep fit in winter

You can lose weight in winter without gym by setting a winter weight loss challenge for yourself such as walking 5, 000 steps a day, or burning a set amount of calories.

Once you start reaching your daily steps or burning the calories, you will find yourself setting new and bigger challenges. Before you know it you will be pushing yourself to do 10 000 steps and ultimately losing weight or avoiding winter weight gain.

winter weight loss challenge

You can also track your meals and write down healthy winter foods using a meal planner. You can get creative with a health and fitness planner by doing a winter weight loss challenge. 

If you do not own a fitness tracker, the latest great options to consider are Apple watch, and Garmin vívoactive 3  

4. Avoid gaining weight in winter by choosing your winter drinks

Avoid gaining weight in winter by choosing your winter drinks

Sipping endless cups of creamy hot chocolate in winter definitely looks and sounds more attractive than quenching thirst with plain ol’ water. Besides, there’s something satisfying about tightly hugging a mug filled with hot cocoa and marshmallows or some other dreamy winter drinks.

But hot winter beverages are very often heavily loaded with sugar and fat and the more you consume the more calories you will be packing on. Therefore, you should cautiously proceed on this one or be the wise person and rather opt for warm winter drinks that will be kinder to your waistline.

You can avoid piling on extra pounds by taking weight loss friendly beverages such as Green tea, Oolong or rooibos teas.

5. Stock up on healthy snacks

Hunger pangs in winter are unavoidable. Your kitchen or snack bar should be filled with healthy snacks to help you fight winter weight gain. Snacks like popcorn, beef jerky, dried fruit, and chickpeas must be a staple in your pantry all year round and not just in winter.

These high protein snacks should be in your pantry regardless of the season of the year.

Healthy winter breakfast ideas

5 easy ways to avoid weight gain during the cold season
How to fight gaining weight in winter


winter weight loss tips -how to avoid gaining weight in winter
winter weight loss tips -how to avoid gaining weight in winter
Avoid winter weight gain stories like a boss
How to stay fit in winter and avoid winter weight gain

Weight loss tip |How to avoid winter weight gain this year like a boss|

24 thoughts on “5 easy ways to avoid winter weight gain”

  1. I do tend to gain a few pounds during the winter so this info will help me tremendously next winter. Wearing my apple watch does help because it reminds me to stand, meet my fitness goals for the day and more.

  2. I have been looking to lose weight, and I am still trying as it isn’t going as well as I hoped. Although I try and walk for at least 5,000 Steps a day and I have been drinking only Green Tea, and I will check into the others you mentioned. As for a Fitness Tracker, I put it on as soon as I get up in the morning and I try and walk for at least 5 minutes each hour up to 10 minutes then if I need to in the evening I go out and walk more to help me get my steps. Because I know one day I will make 10,000 steps and not even break a sweat.

  3. OH man, you have me CRAVING WINTER now! I love fall and winter (I live in Los Angeles so the weather is never terrible) and I also just love that season because everyone just seems happier and I adore the holidays!!!

  4. This is something that struggle with for many years in the past. I tend to gain a few pounds during the winter months and as I’ve gotten older. It was a lot more difficult to lose those pounds. Can’t wait to implement your tips.

  5. Those sugary winter lattes can add on the pounds slowly but surely. I try to make sure to keep it light and avoid them opting for beverages with lower calories like warm teas.

  6. Getting a tracker is a great way to get one up and moving. Knowing you are being tracked and keeping track is a great way to keep the weight off.

  7. I’m not going to lie. I’m terrible at doing any traditional fitness routine, other than the occasional walking. And because I’m aware of that, I always watch what I eat and make sure I keep, not a strict, but balanced diet and in reasonable amounts. Great tips; they can be applied to winter, and the year round.

  8. Definitely having a regular exercise at home will do or some meditation and yoga to be able to fight weight gain during winter season is the best since I cannot say no t good food and tempting ones. lol.

  9. We have awful weather here in the winter, so it can be tough to keep the weight off. These are good tips for helping stay healthier and on track with health and weight.

  10. People tend to gain weight during the cold weather and it’s a little difficult to shed off the pounds because it’s too cold to move around. Lol. These are great tips.

  11. These are great tips, especially for us northern winter people! Some days its just so chilly outside, that I don’t want to uncover! I did do good last year, didn’t gain any! I had taken advantage of my elliptical and challenged a friend daily to a step challenge.


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